Origins 2017 Photo Archive Part II

Right-Click on any images below and choose view image to Embiggen! A few things I’d like to mention as well… Even though Geek Chic is gone, you can still get your custom made gaming tables @ who attended origins this year! Check out the pics! can also custom order your gaming table … Continue reading Origins 2017 Photo Archive Part II

Just how much does that Spanish Cannon cost ….anyway? …and American Privateers!

So anyway, back in 2007 I was looking for the price of Spanish cannon in the age of the Conquistadors. Really, was looking at all kinds of things, ...Muskets, Cannons, Caronnades (which weren't invented until 1789, by the way). I was really interested in how much it cost to outfit the Spanish Conquistadors. Because I … Continue reading Just how much does that Spanish Cannon cost ….anyway? …and American Privateers!

Origins 2017

Origins 2017 Convention Report by the GameDaddy Today, I’ll start where we, ...being Nick and me, finished which was with the prime-time Saturday night RPG slot at Origins hosted in the Columbus, Ohio, Convention Center last June. Nick finished up his day with his second round of Call of Cthulu, his new favorite RPG. He … Continue reading Origins 2017

Tamerthya Website History

Beginnings 1999-2002 This website was originally started in 1999, as a Freeservers roleplaying game fansite supporting D&D, Gamma World, & Traveller. The original website was built using pure HTML without cascading style sheets (CSS) and ran from November of 1999 until about August of 2002 on Freeservers. Once it grew large than one hundred pages, … Continue reading Tamerthya Website History