Origins 2017, Part 2

KODAK Digital Still Camera
John Ward, Dirk Collins, Michael A. Stackpole @ Origins 2017

Also, was at Origins this last June and ran into Mike Stackpole, …Origins is like his show! Anyway I sought him out on purpose because I wanted to congratulate him on the Rogue One movie.

No, as it turns out, he didn’t actually write the Rogue:One Star Wars movie… What he did do, was pen the very first stories about the X-Wing Rogue Squadron, and this was when he was under contract as a writer for Bantam Books at the request of Lucasfilm and back in the 90’s and early 00’s… he really helped keep the Star Wars franchise alive after the Prequel debacle.

When I met him this summer he was like “Oh, no, I didn’t write Rogue One.” I said_“I’m pretty sure the real writers from Disney that were inspired to write the Rogue One story went to Lucasfilm and asked them what they should, and they probably shrugged and handed them your Rogue One stories, because the plot seems awfully familiar.”  We both got a good laugh out of that, because it’s soooo like the movie Industry to take someone else’s good idea, like a story for a Rogue Rebel Squadron for example, and make a billion dollar blockbuster out of that.

I’ll close this out today with a photo of me, and Mike, as well as John Ward taken at Origins 2017 this summer, because I hadn’t met Mike in about ten years, and I wanted to catch up with him on some of the things he had been doing.

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