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A few things I’d like to mention as well… Even though Geek Chic is gone, you can still get your custom made gaming tables @ Boardgametables.com who attended origins this year! Check out the pics!


…you can also custom order your gaming table from Rathskellers here: https://www.rathskellers.com/

…or from Carolina Game Tables, of course: https://www.carolinagametables.com/

Cosplay Swords & Armor


Ian Brody at Griggling Games brings you the latest Christmas 2017 offering Quartermaster General: Victory or Death!

Available at a fine retail store near you or available for direct order from http://www.grigglinggames.com/

I thought Dreanscape:Laruna was probably one of the best new RPGs I saw at at the show. Published by Odam Publishing, I spoke with Gilbert DuRapau, the writer, and was super impressed with the smooth flow of the game and the jaw dropping graphics. You can get your copy here, and check out their newest RPG, Shared Dream;

ODAM Publishing LLC

9 Gadsen Pl

Staten Island, NY 10314


email: info@odampublishing.com

Boardgames are taking over major gaming conventions. In recent years the cost to produce a commercial quality game has dropped tremendously and there is a huge number of people making custom designed boardgames for niche markets or small groups. These niche gaming publishers all buy a table at shows like Origins to get some exposure for their games. This is a golden age for you as a gamer because there are more games than ever before that have been released, so somehwere in there, is a game you would like. I’ll be covering some of the rarer and more interesting games I find and sharing them with you, and perhaps doing a few dedicated interviews on the Tamerthya website here…

In the Game of Thrones Boardgame Pic these guys were entirely too serious. They started laughing though when I mentioned their efforts were probably in vain, and that there would be no happy ending, probably for either of them…

Star Realms Deckbuilding Game


More photos to come…


Boardgames Aplenty at Origins 2017!
Castles & Crusades with Tim Burns
Castles & Crusades at Origins 2017
Catalyst Games Mechwarrior
Catalyst Games Mechwarrior Tournament
Boardgames at Origins 2017


Defenders of the Realm Boardgame
Dr. Who Boardgame


Dragonfire Deckbuilding Game
Dreamscape: Laruna RPG – Origins 2017
Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons Game – Origins 2017
Game of Thrones Boardgame – Origins 2017
Gamelyn Games, Heroes of the Land, Air & Sea Game
Ghostbusters Miniatures Game @ Origins 2017
Ghostbusters Miniatures Game @ Origins 2017
Ghostbusters Miniatures Game @ Origins 2017
Griggling Games, Victory or Death  @ Origins 2017
Indie Game Developers Network
Mayday Games Tournament @ Origins 2017
Mayday Games
Miniatures @ Origins II


Miniatures @ Origins III


Miniatures @ Origins I
Not sure what the game is here, but Love! the Miniatures!
Origins 2017 Registration Line
Origins 2017 III
Penny Dreadful Motoring Horror – Victorian RPG @ Origins 2017



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