CincyCon Show banner
CincyCon Banner

I hope you all have enjoyed the photo stream from CincyCon 2018. To finish out today, I’m adding just a few of my favorite dealers and new contacts from the show. There were at least twenty-five exhibitors, and this show is larger than I thought, I’m glad I finally made it to attend this year! Anyway without further ado, my favorite new dealer at the show this year was;

The Phalanx Consortium

Chris Bennett was quick to Introduce himself, and show me his lines of miniatures. They most impressive! He had a 28mm Modern Warfare line, a westerns line called Knuckledusters, a line of Pirate miniatures, and a line called Crooked Dice, which were 28mm minis for an English spy game, think Austin Powers meets a television game show, and there you have it! All of his minis runs are custom designed and sculpted with no two identical poses, and limited runs (I’m pretty sure he just uses up one or two molds, before picking a new sculpt to base a new mold off of). So all figures are limited edition minis of superb high quality. I picked up some Ultramodern U.S. Infantry, which will be a shoo-in to double as Gunners for Modiphus’s Fallout Game, which is going to see an imminent release… Of course, plenty of new pirates, and Western Gunfighters and Cowboys, perfect for my Aces & Eights games, or for a Boot Hill game, for example. Finally there is the Crooked Dice line, with lots of interesting figures that’s a fit for my Spycraft games, as well as for Top Secret, James Bond, and other RPGs that need modern villains and factions. really I had to drag myself away from the booth before I spent my budget for GaryCon, which will be just next week. Now you can order direct, of course from the Phalanx Consortium website here, or you can meet him in a few weeks time at HMGS Cold Wars in Lancaster, Pennsylavania, on March 15th!

Phalanx Consortium Website
Phalanx Consortium Website

HMGS Cold Wars Website
Cold Wars 2018

Before finishing up, just a couple notes on the moderns lines, he has 28mm Somalis, as well as Afghans, both locals and insurgents, and plenty of modern figs, including Russians, spetznatz and regular grunts, as well as vehicles. He had 28mm Resin Humvees for sale at the show, and gave me a sneak preview of the new 28mm Boomerang Armored Car, which If I understand rightly, is the new replacement for the Russian BMP-90. Once I have the Modern Infantry painted, I’ll post a new article here on Tamerthya featuring them!

The Phalanx Consortium Banner
The Phalanx Consortium Banner
Phalanx Consortium 28mm Modern Miniatures.
Modern Miniatures, 28mm scale
Thar be Pyrates! New 28 mm Pirate Minis!
Thar be Pyrates! New 28 mm Pirate Minis!
Knuckduster Minis, 28mm Gunfighters, Cowboys & Indiana for your tabletop games!
Knuckduster Minis, 28mm Gunfighters, Cowboys & Indians for your tabletop games!
28mm Knuckleduster Cowboy Blister packs
Knuckleduster Cowboy Blister packs
Crooked Dice 28mm Minis line for Spy Games & Modern RPGs
Crooked Dice 28mm Minis line for Spy Games & Modern RPGs


Art by Beth Moak

From Fort Wayne, Beth Moak came down, and brought her artwork, boxes, and plushies for sale! I always enjoy good artwork, and there’s quite a few folks I know that would like her custom designed keepsake boxes and containers, dice bags, journals, and game pillows …plus, you can never go wrong with plushies, …good for just about any situation. Sadly my plushie photos were blurred, but you can check them out for yourself at her website, and I’ll also leave her email for you today, just in case you want to place an order from her.

Art by Beth Moak Website (…ooh look! Plushies!)
Art by Beth Moak Website

You can also email Beth Moak at:

Art by Beth Moak. DIY Artists are always the best!
Art by Beth Moak. DIY Artists are always the best! Those Beautiful custom made boxes!
Lost of original artwork for sale!
Lots of original artwork for sale!
Beth Moak working the showroom!
Yep! A favorite of young ladies, teenage daughters and children, plus, really good illustrations and custom artwork!


The Guild For Dragonstorm

Was in the house at CincyCon this year, it’s been at six years since I have seen anyone from Mark & Susan Van Camps RPG group, however I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Kennard this year at CincyCon, and Dragonstorm is still a Guild, and they run games at conventions, there were three tables running Dragonstorm here today!

Tim Kennard, chief councilor for the Dragonstorm Guild
Tim Kennard, chief councilor for the Dragonstorm Guild
Dragonstorm Role Playing Game. I miss Mark, and Susan Van Camp!
Dragonstorm. I miss Mark, and Susan Van Camp!
Dragonstorm Role Playing Game
Dragonstorm Role Playing Game
Dragonstorm Roleplaying Game.
Dragonstorm RPG


Critical Hit Collectibles

Okay, so, …Kevin Hayden provides custom made signs, as well as Jewelry. You know when you spend too much at the game show, you can always start repairing the damage done, by bringing home some new bling, keepsakes or memorables for your significant other, because face it, …bribes work really good! Also, the better the bribes, the lesser the chance of you incurring wrath for purchasing God knows what else at the show, and totally wrecking your family budget for like the next six months, so don’t be shy, and do yourself a favor, check out Critical Hit Collectibles for all your diplomatic life status repairing needs! I’ll include some pix here, of course, as well as link so you can directly order even though you are not at the game show.

Critical Hit Collectibles Website
Critical Hit Collectibles Website

Twitter: @criticalhitshop

Critical Hit Collectibles Booth Sign
Critical Hit Collectibles
Kevin Hayden @ Critical hit Collectibles Booth
Kevin Hayden @ Critical hit Collectibles Booth
Critical Hit Collectibles Jewlery
ooohhh Bling!
Critical Hit Collectibles Signs
…and custom made signs too!


Featured Author: Rose Withering

Is busy crowdsourcing a new cover for her book Thornburg’s Daughter. At the show she had fantasy illustrated story books for kids, which is real big in my book, because I work with hundreds of youngsters every day. Anyway, she was at the show getting the word out about her newest book, and I’ll be leaving a link here today so you can keep up with that as well, if you happen to be so inclined! Also, I should mention, there was another writer there, Dan R. Arman, However he wasn’t around when I was interviewing Rose at her Booth.

Here’s a Blurb I found online for him, and I’ll leave a link where you can order his newest book Bifrost from Amazon, because, you know, technology rocks! Dan R. Arman grew up reading science fiction masters like Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and also enjoyed reading about history and science. Let’s not kid ourselves, he read everything he could get his grubby little hands on. Mr. Arman teaches English Composition at Stark State College in Ohio. For several years, he worked as a newspaper reporter, an editor and also taught at an online high school. He holds a master’s degree in English literature and rhetoric from Kent State University. When he’s not reprimanding his two cats and binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he enjoys bike riding and gardening.

App! her website is not up. You can contact her at if you need to reach her.

Thornburg’s Daughter, available now on

Bifrost by Dan. R. Arman, available on

Rose Withering promoting Thornburg's Daughter, a Novel.
Rose Withering promoting Thornburg’s Daughter
Thornburg's Daughter Illustrations
Thornburg’s Daughter Illustrations
BiFrost, a novel by Dan R. Arman.
BiFrost by Dan R. Arman


Timewarp Cards & Comics

Cincinnati has a new board games & RPG store, with a very deep selection of both new and used games, as well as minis. Located on the east side of Cincinnati in the Eastgate Mall, right by Sears and owned by Ron Taylor, I’ll be sure to visit there next time I get over to that side of the Queen City!

Time Warp Cards & Comics Website
Time Warp Cards & Comics Website

Malifaux Miniatures at Time Warp Cards & Comics
Malifaux Miniatures @ Time Warp
Other Miniatures @ Time Warp
Other Minis
Board Games at Time Warp Cards and Comics.
Games Galore!
Even More games at Time Warp Cards & Comics
Even More Games!


Enterprise Games

Don Pawley was in the house with his wife and he had a full selection of new and used boardgames… He is also selling sports trading cards now, and celebrity collector’s memorabilia!

Enterprise Games Website


Victoriana Craftwerks

None of my pictures came out of this booth (and I took two!), and I didn’t get a chance to talk with Lisa Vienna or Bree, so I’ll just be linking you up with her Facebook page so you can check out their Victorian Jewelry and other gaming related products there;

Victoriana Craftwerks Website
Victoriana Craftwerks Website


Analog Arcade Accessories

3d Printed Miniatures and Accessories. My favorite was the 28mm Fire truck, …they just might have something there with a larger collection of models. next year!

Web Presence


Dwarven Woodworking

We totally need some more laser etched products in this booth, so help John Minderman out and commission some custom projects from him so he can build up a saleable inventory! What I did find was a perfectly good Dice Prison in his booth this year at CincyCon that we all know some player’s dice needs to be in, …well, …rather permanently! Moar product though! Did you see that laser etched Coliseum put up by the Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming Club? Don’t be afraid to think big like that, and also do up some etched accessories for villages and dungeons, there is a …huuuugee market for all of that, at least 2x as big as I have ever seen!

Anyways, here is the Dwarven Woodworking Website so you dear readers can make requests of Sir John!
Dwarven Woodworking Website

Lasercut Dice Jail for poorly performing dice.
The Dice Jail …for bad… bad… dice!


Selphie’s Stitches

Jessica Williams had a beautiful booth, and I would have been in serious trouble if my daughter had joined me, and I didn’t order a new knit cap… My pictures of her booth didn’t do it justice, so I’m linking one of hers…

Selphie’s Stitches Facebook Page

Selphie's Stitches CincyCon Booth
Selphie’s Stitches CincyCon Booth


The Nafzinger Collection

My last stop was at George Nafzinger’s Library. An extraordinary researcher & historian, he had a book for me about the French Civil Wars, the religious one than ran from about 1500-1700 or so, where the Catholics and the Protestants (known as Heugenots) fought. I have a gaming friend whose family once owned a Castle in France, but it was besieged in the late 1600’s and captured by King Phillipe, at the request of his Medici Queen. My friend’s great Grandfather waaaay back ended up emigrating to America after escaping from the Castle when it fell, and of course he landed in New Orleans. I’m hoping Researcher & Historian George Nafzinger will be able to help me track down some of his other existing family members, maybe even some kinfolk still in France.

The Nafziger Collection Website
The Nafziger Collection


Alright, managed to miss a few other dealers, will mention them here and provide links real quick!

Jessica Blake, Artist


Bowen Dragon

Sword and Blade Sales. They have been attending conventions for about as long as I can remember going to conventions, which is going on forty years now! Doesn’t really update their Facebook page, however you can get a hold of them if you need to right here;



Don’t remember seeing them at the show either… They do have a website though!

Galatunes Kickstarter


Game Table Adventures

No website… Not sure what they do. Maybe they are in one of the last batch of Dealer pictures below… Same deal for Legendary games & Hobbies. I don’t seem to have a picture of their booth…


Game Time Miniatures

Pretty sure the booth for these guys are featured in the random photos below. Didn’t see a sign, but their website looks good, and I remember seeing all the Flames of War minis for sale…


I-94 Enterprises

The Publishers of the Colorful Skies WWI Aerial Combat Game. I didn’t see their booth, I definitely saw them playing on the tables though, so I do have a photo for you to link…

Colorful Skies Website

That concludes my visit to CincyCon for 2018, Hope to be back next year, as this was a fun event where I can enjoy some gaming! I’ll leave you with a few photos today of the dealer hall. Don’t worry about Cthulu, we defeated him on Saturday, and my Paranormal Investigators tells me that while he is not dead, it’ll be some time before he returns. To Good Gaming!

Random Dealer Booth Photo #1
Make an Offer!
Random Dealer Hall Booth Photo #2
Dealer Hall
Random Dealer Hall Booth Photo 3
Oh, Catan!
Random Dealer Hall Photo #4
Games everywhere… even of the floor
Random Dealer Hall Booth Photo #5
Closing the Deal
Cthulu Game #1
paranormal Investigators on the Trawler Fighting the Cultists
Cthulu Game #2
The Great One Approaches
Boss Battle! …and the insane cultists are attacking us too! I knew I was playing a good Cthulu game when I asked the ref if I could deliberately have my paranormal Investigators become insane…

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