CincyCon 2018 gaming convention
CincyCon 2018

CincyCon 2018

March 2-4, 2018

You still have time if you happen to be in the area to visit CincyCon, which is underway right now in the greater Cincinnati area. I took the day off yesterday to start off this years gaming convention season with a visit to CincyCon, and here are my observations. Included is a beautiful photo dump with some commentary on various games that were being run and played at the show this year. Most of this is presented in no particular order, just as they ended up on my desk. There is still time for you to visit CincyCon as the show will be running for one more day, …today!


Dayton, Ohio, has their own autumn gaming convention this year which will be held from November 9th to November 11th, 2018. Their website is (which is looking pretty bare at the moment), however you can contact if you would like to help organize this show.


Dayton, Ohio also has their own spring time gaming convention, a one day affair, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th, 2018. Currently there is already over fifty games scheduled including tabletop minis games, strategy board games, RPGs, card games, with both a Kings of War and Flames of War tournament! You can learn more at or at the DayCon Facebook page!


Shelter Community Church

1440 East Dorothy Lane

Kettering, Ohio 45429

Sea Dog Game Studios

So, I finally found that good looking booth from Origins last year, The one with all of the really great naval miniatures accessories. I chatted for awhile with Elizabeth Carnes, one of the owners, mostly about Black Sails and all of the really impressive forts located in the Caribbean. Being part English of course, she’s very partial to Fort Charles located on Brimstone Hill in St. Kitts, and we talked about the arduous climb up the stairway leading to the fortress. From the beach there it is an 800 foot vertical climb and quite a workout, even if you have to climb up to the fortress only once per day. We also talked about Fort Charlotte in the Bahamas and the Castille San Cristobal and Castille San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, the gateway to Nueva Espana and a pair of the most impressive old world forts from the age of sail, that I have ever seen. Elizabeth was impressed that I recognized Fort Matanzas, an old Spanish Fort from St. Augustine which she had created in miniature for the Sailpower game. While Fort Matanzas only had ten cannons, it was well placed in the Matanzas river, and it guarded the Southern approaches to St. Augustine.


Sailpower Pirate Tabletop Game













Accurate scale model of Fort Matanzas, located south of St. Augustine in Florida.

Sailpower Miniatures
Sailpower Pirates, Yarr!

Huge Miniatures

I spoke with Brinton Boehm, owner of Huge Miniatures about having a booth for the first time at CincyCon. He provides miniature gaming supplies including a wide range of unique flocks and static grasses to compliment numerous environments and scenarios. Last year he did a successful Kickstarter and is working slowly to build his business. He did Ok for this first convention show, and he wants everyone to know that his goal is to sell gaming accessories and supplies that are both affordable and available online.


Guardian’s Gambit

One game I saw being played by Michael Flahive was called Guardian’s Gambit which is live on Kickstarter right now! This is a two-player card combat game




Guardian's Gambit Card Game
Guardian’s Gambit


Cold Steel Wardens

Another new game I haven’t seen before! Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics, the players become vigilantes in the crime-ridden city of New Corinth and use their unique skills and powerful abilities to bring justice to the darkened streets of New Corinth.

Cold Steel Wardens Superheroes Game.
Cold Steel Wardens
Cold Steel Wardens Rulesbook
Cold Steel Wardens Rules


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