GaryCon XI

GaryCon is coming up next month and I plan on attending again as a volunteer. In the evenings I’ll be working in HQ, or gaming HQ, and with GM support. I also plan on working the charity auction, where old gaming collectibles are up for bid, and the proceeds go to a good cause as determined by the GaryCon Staff.

I’ll be bringing a new Dungeons & Dragons adventure that I will likely run Sunday morning. Saturday morning I’ll host a table for Traveller, and Friday it’s a tossup whether I’ll be running Gamma World, or an introductory Castles & Crusades game. These games are all off the grid and unregistered, and offer the opportunity for late guest registrations or if another game is cancelled for any reason, there are open spots in my games. I’ll generally run a table of 6-8 for each event, and bring pre-gens for folks that show up at the last moment to play. That said, these are all old school games where you will get to play the original D&D, First edition Gamma World, Traveller, or first edition Castles and Crusades. These games will be located somewhere near the tabletop and wargaming extravaganza, and there should be a bulletin board up at GM HQ, where the pickup games that I run will be listed, and the location provided so that you can join in the fun.

For the D&D Games, any 0D&D character you care to bring up to the 5th level will likely be accepted for play.

With Traveller, we will generate characters at the beginning of the game, although I will have some pre-gens available for folks that show up after the event starts.

Hope to see you there at the show!


GaryCon XI
March 7 – 10, 2019
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
7036 Grand Geneva Way
Lake Geneva, WI 53147, United States
(262) 248-8811



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