Sunday March 10th, 2019
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

The Day began well, I have traditionally run an original Dungeons & Dragons game on Sundays and this year was no exception. Now this game was set in the Judges Guild Wilderlands, on the Barbarian Altanis Map. The player characters hired on in the City-State of the Imperial Overlord to escort a trade Caravan down the old South Road to the Elven village of Onhir, and we ended up having a good time with that. What started with just two players at my table ended up growing to five players before we were were done.

Sunday Morning Wilderlands Adventures

After that, I packed all my gaming materials loading out the SUV, and then wandered back over to gaming HQ to help with the breakdown. I helped organize the Ironwind Metals booth for loadout, and just while finishing up with that was approached by a couple youngsters who had gotten lost, and were looking for directions to Stefan Pokorny’s dungeon game. Stefan normally takes a suite at the Geneva and runs a super deadly and super fun D&D game which features his exceptional well crafted dungeons throughout the weekend. He only quits playing D&D on Monday afternoons, and sometimes not even then. I’m pretty sure he started up Dwarven Forge, just so he could have an excuse to be a GM full time, and when he isn’t at home running games, you can find him happily running D&D games for people at gaming conventions and trade shows across the country. Anyway, I got the kids over to their parents who were playing at Stefans’ table, and checked out that game for a bit. Stefan is an old school GM, so it is always a pleasure to watch him work. Every one of his beautifully decorated dungeon rooms is this amazing death trap that the players have to use every ounce of gaming skill to avoid dying in. His games often start early in the morning, and run into the wee hours of the next morning, and features a full table of players along with a small host of spectators.

When I got back, I helped with packing the Black Blades publishing booth until it was time for me to leave. This year, I wanted to stay until Monday however had to work on Monday, and it’s a six hour drive back home for me, so I had to depart early Sunday evening. I don’t like driving late at night, and prefer to be having a good nights sleep so want to be home no later than midnight, so rolled out about a quarter after five after taking time so thank Mike and Melissa for inviting me.


Sunday Dungeons & Dragons Game



Last of the Sea Kings battle in Middle Earth



Last of the Sea Kings Middle Earth Battle
Battles in the Second Age of Middle Earth



Blackmoor Game, hosted by Dave Megarry.



Some of Dave Arneson’s notes from his Blackmoor Game

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