After Action Report
26th to the 29th of March, 2020

Of course I wanted to attend the GaryCon convention the last week of March in Lake Geneva, however the convention was cancelled after the Governor of Wisconsin ordered a lockdown, like the day after we shutdown at work. I volunteered to run some online games for people who had prepaid for their badges, and so we simply pivoted, and organized an online convention in about ten days.

We ended up with 650 events and game sessions, and over two thousand online guests. I ran six games online over the course of the last weekend of March, including two Original D&D, one Gamma World, one Fallout, and two Traveller game sessions, and earned my GaryCon GM shirt… also have a virtual GaryCon GM Shirt on the way as well, and we managed to get a writeup in Forbes magazine for creating a “safe” convention, and of course, all the other gaming conventions that were forced to cancel this year are now following suit.

Forbes article on GaryCon2020
Converting my games from traditional from tabletop to virtual online took up about 140 hours of my time over ten days in late March, however was worth it as five of six events ended up being fully booked.
A few photos for you…

Arrived yesterday in the mail, My GMs shirt. Virtual GMs shirt on the way as well for the show!

GaryCon GMs tshirt-mini.jpg

Original Dungeons & Dragons in-game on the 29th of March

Screenshot from 2020-03-27 15-12-45.png

More Original Dungeons & Dragons Goodness, Town and City descriptions… right-click on images, and choose “view image” to enlarge and get closeup views!

The Fallout IV Endgame

fallout IV end game.png

I originally bought some 28mm Fallout IV minis from Modiphus games and was going to paint them up and have a fabulous tabletop display setup for GaryCon guests, but was thwarted by the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown. Instead we played a virtual game that went pretty well. Everyone knows the map of the Commonwealth, but we expanded on that a bit, and had the players start in Central Massachusetts in Vault near Southborough. Here is the campaign map we used for the game…

Fallout IV Commonwealth Expanded Map
Commonwealth Expanded Map


Traveller Game Online 3/29
Screenshot from 2020-03-29 13-01-30.png

Classic Traveller, one of my favorite games, is well suited for virtual tabletop play. Had fourteen signups for twelve slots in two sessions. Went splendidly well, except a bit slower than actual tabletop play.

Gamma World Screenshot

gamma World 2 Oakland California 2483 AD.png

We had a near full TPK within the first hour, Jim Ward style Lol!
haha whew… i really dodged a bullet then “How did they die?

The Players got in a fight in the desert with another biker gang, They launched a nuclear tipped neutron missile at the other gang and missed. That wasn’t the bad part, but it was flashy and spectacular, and they managed to create a horrific radioactive sandstorm, and irradiated some more of the post-apocalyptic wasteland for another hundred thousand years or so. No the real problem was they were busy hosing down the other biker gang in the very best traditions of murder-hoboes of the post apocalypse. They completely obliterated another small biker band with a photon grenade, had run another part of the band back into the hostile radioactive sandstorm they had created. All that remained was this biker chick with an Uzi, and her side-kick, some floppy looking dude with a rocket launcher, who was taking pot-shots at the players.

Well the mutant biker players close to use their death stench and other mutant abilities on the chick, and for three rounds she stands at very close to point blank range exchanging gunfire giving an good as she got, wounding two of the players. Now when she and her sidekick are standing alone at last, the player all rush her, to try to finish her and her companion off…

… this cant end well.

at point blank range. And get this. She literally gets down to 1 Hp and surrenders. She and her sidekick drop their weapons and hold their hands up high. The players like sharks in the water close in for the kill, and refuse to accept her surrender. They all open up at point blank range and every one of them misses. She holds up her hands attempting to surrender a second time and the players completely ignore this. One the players a mutant biker by the name of Psycho Suzie (on account of the way she treats her boyfriends) rolls right up to them and announces, I’m going to use my pyrokinetics on them. Like the little girl in Firestarter, with her mind she can literally light stuff up and bring the burning fires of hell. I’m like “are you sure?” and Psycho Suzie is like “yah, no way I’m going to let her live” and proceeds to turn the two into living human torches.

The only problem? The sidekick had been launching rockets at the players, and he was still carrying four rockets in a pouch which all simultaneously detonated delivering 20d6 of damage. Somehow every single one of the players had moved in so close they were all caught in the blast radius. Only one biker survived with like 7 HP. everything else …gone.


wednesday garycon events schedule.png
Just some fun stuff, starting a new type of convention, interactive tabletop adventures of old school RPGs, all online, all virtual in realtime, with a large number of events using a variety of online tools …

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