Delivered by UPS today. Nemesis Games, book five of the Expanse series, and Babylon’s Ashes, book six from the Expanse series. Also Michael Witwer’s Empire of Imagination, the book about Gary Gygax. Look forward to learning something new reading that. Before season four of the Expanse was released last year, I bought all four of the early book to compare with the cable series that is now hosted by Amazon. I didn’t wait for season four, and instead read Cibola Burns first, because I could not wait to find out what happened to the crew of the Rocinante. The stories are close, but don’t exactly match, however the writing is superb, and I’m going to spoil season five ahead of time too, although I will expect to see season five of the Expanse  on Amazon Prime just before Christmas.

Empire of the Imagination is about the creation of Dungeons and Dragons. Should be an interesting read since I’ve been around playing war games even before D&D was published.


Mail Call! New Books arrived from UPS this afternoon!

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