Father, Husband, Inventor, Investor, Teacher, and Gamer…

About Gaming…

Lifelong gamer. Began playing games in 1972 with 1/72 scale plastic miniatures from Airfix, Revell, Italeri, and Hasegawa. Began wargaming in 1973 playing games published by SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) as well as Avalon Hill (The Avalon Hill Game Company). Began playing tabletop roleplaying games in 1977 beginning with D&D followed just a couple months after that with the Traveller science fiction RPG. Have played many hundreds of games, and usually run games as a Game Master or Dungeon Master.

About my Professional Life…

Tech Guy, Employed for many years with the Department of Defense (NavCal Labs, Kay & Associates) and at various Fortune 500 Tech companies including HP, Apple, Terradyne, and Ford Aerospace… From about the mid-90’s on I changed my work style and focused on entrepreneurial and startup companies like MedSim (Ultrasound Education). These days I tend to work for startups, as a consultant for individuals, and as a consultant for smaller growing companies while also providing tech support, tech programs, and workshops for non-profit corporations like The Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as schools, and other technology centers, on a part-time basis.
Former U.S. Army calibration specialist (35H)

Favorite Roleplaying Games (not necessarily in order of preference)

  • Original Dungeons & Dragons
  • Traveller
  • Gamma World
  • Mindjammer
  • Runequest
  • Castles & Crusades
  • Star Wars, Saga Edition
  • Aces & Eights Western RPG
  • Hârn
  • Metamorphosis Alpha
  • The Morrow Project
  • Rhune
  • Lejendary Adventures

Photo Credit

On the left, Josh, myself in the center, Marc Miller on the right at GaryCon 2017. We sat in on Marc Millers Saturday morning Traveller RPG game. An honor and a privilege, and I finally got to meet him in person to thank him for making such an awesome game!