Mail Call

Delivered by UPS today. Nemesis Games, book five of the Expanse series, and Babylon's Ashes, book six from the Expanse series. Also Michael Witwer's Empire of Imagination, the book about Gary Gygax. Look forward to learning something new reading that. Before season four of the Expanse was released last year, I bought all four of … Continue reading Mail Call

Virtual GaryCon XII

After Action Report 26th to the 29th of March, 2020 Of course I wanted to attend the GaryCon convention the last week of March in Lake Geneva, however the convention was cancelled after the Governor of Wisconsin ordered a lockdown, like the day after we shutdown at work. I volunteered to run some online games … Continue reading Virtual GaryCon XII

Gamma World RPG Campaigns Update

Hi, ...and welcome to the Gamma World RPG pages of this website. For those of you that don't know, Gamma World is a roleplaying game about the future, specifically a post-apocalyptic future, Written by Jim Ward for TSR, Inc. and released in 1978. The game is played in the imaginary world of our Earth many … Continue reading Gamma World RPG Campaigns Update