CincyCon 2020, Part II – Games Being Played

I really enjoy walking around the show taking photos…

Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder game in progress

Naval Wargame

Naval Wargame

Beth Moak’s Booth
Artist & Plushy Creator!

Beth Moak, Artist & Boxmaker

The Plushies!

Plushies!!! and custom made boxes!

Beth Moak

Your Autumn Gaming Convention in Dayton Ohio
November 6th-8th, 2020
Email: TheAcadeCon at Gmail Dot Com

AcadeCon is a 3-day tabletop gaming convention hosted by The RPG Academy podcast and network faculty – featuring RPGs, Board Games, Card/Mini games, an open play area with a free to use game library, Panels/Seminars, Entertainment Events, Vendors and Unpub tables. Featured Guests including numerous RPG Podcasters, award winning game designers and fiction authors.

Firefly, the boardgame
Firefly, The Boardgame


Chaos Wars Tabletop Minis Game
A recent release from Iron Wind Metals, getting some playtest action at CincyCon…

chaos wars minis game
Chaos Wars, Goblins attacking Wyvern defending village…


Chaos Wars RPG Table Setup
Chaos Wars RPG Table Setup – Prepping for a game!


chaos wars RPG Playtest
Chaos Wars Game in Action!!!

You can get the miniatures and rules for Chaos Wars from Mike or Melissa here at IronWInd Metals.


Star Wars – Edge of the Empire!

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Minis game
Star Wars – Edge of the Empire Epic Battles


Workshops – Buildings and Structures for 25mm
I joined Tim Peas Lee at his table for a few hours on Saturday, and we worked on scratch-building some new buildings and structures for our miniatures games. I learned some new fast building techniques, and everyone present shared tips, ideas, and techniques for building historical, sci-fi, or fantasy buildings. We managed to accomplish quite a bit accomplished in the two hour workshop… One of the reasons I really enjoy workshops at gaming shows, is the opportunity to share and exchange ideas with other gamers, to make our home games better, of course!

Minaitures Building Workshop at CincyCon
The 25mm Miniatures Construction Workshop at CincyCon 2020 hosted by Tim Peas Lee, Popular with the younger gamers as well!


Minaitures Workshop II at CincyCon2020
Tim Peas Lee (On right), and the other guys all building stuff for their games at the Workshop. As you can see in the foreground, Tim creates these gorgeous 25mm buildings.


Minis building workshop at CincyCon2020
The ruined building and market stall on the right was completed by Tim Peas Lee. The two other marketplace stalls were built by me in just over two hours. I’ll post updated photos here when they are properly mounted and finished. Some of Tim’s other custom made buildings in the background.


Copper Orc 3d Printing
Alexander Koparc of Copper Orc 3D. Custom made miniatures and accessories for your game!

I tried to get photos of all of the cool stuff at his table, none of my other photos turned out good though. You can check out his minis, directly at his website here:
email:  kopperorc3d at gmail dot com


Aerodrome Rules
Aerodrome Rules v 1.1


Aerodrome Game
Aerodrome Game in Progress


DragonStorm CCG
Still going strong in Cincinnati, a plus where the game was heavily adopted twenty years ago. This year, the local community had organized a DragonStorm convention there. Not sure if it is still on, you can contact Tim Kennard though for more information.

Dragonstorm CCG
Dragonstorm CCG Guild Booth, Tim Kennard

The Guild for Dragonstorm
767 Hopetown Road, #E4
Chillicothe, OH 45601
(765) 649-7637
dragonstormrpg at gmail dot com


DragonStorm Convention Flyer


Battlestations Boardgame by Jeff Siadek
Jeff Siadek’s Battlestations getting some love at CincyCon 2020!


HMGS Midwest battle for Argentoaratum 357 AD
HMGS Midwest battle for Argentoratum 357 AD



Wanderer's Way Booth, CincyCon 2020
Potions, Jewelry, Games, & Minis, Wanderer’s Way Booth.

To learn more email: hiddentale at hotmail dot com

Wanderers Way Booth
Wanderer’s Way Booth


Gettysburg 6mm Battle
Steve Fratt’s (in motion, on right) 6mm Gettysburg Civil War Game


Battle of Gettyburg recreated
The Town of Gettysburg. Note the Union troops and artillery batteries on the heights in the foreground… A beautiful and accurate tabletop recreation.


Battle of Gettysburg recreation 3
Steve Fratt’s 6mm battle of Gettysburg. View from the Confederate center towards the Devil’s Den, Little Round Top, and Big Round Top.


Ticket to Ride Boardgame
Ticket to Ride Railroad Boardgame


WWII Glider Action
WWII Glider Action


Untamed Beasts
A New Cards/Minis game getting some playtesting. Sponsored by Warped Mind Games

Untamed Beasts Minis Game
Untamed Beasts miniatures/CCG game. Another beautiful tabletop setup!


Warped Mind Games Booth
Warped Mind Games Booth

Lasercut tokens, templates, bases, and more! Publisher of the Untamed Beasts Minis/CCG game
email: warpedmindgamesllc at gmail dot com
Twitter: WarpedMindGames

Dungeon Crawl Classics
Closing this article on CincyCon 2020, a gratuitous shot of some Dungeon Crawl Classics action!