Pentacon XVII Gaming Report – 2001

Pentacon XVII Gaming Report

Originally Published 1/15/2002

Convention Date: Nov 2-4, 2001
The convention presented over four hundred and twenty games and events. The convention used all of the space available on the first floor of the Grand Wayne Center, and added the Indiana Hotel Lobby for the Saturday evening Vampire LARP. The Fort Wayne Gamers Group (FWGG) provided a network for a variety of computer games.

Authors note: Some of the links and web pages originally presented are no longer active and have been discontinued. I have made every attempt to link to valid sites, however if none no longer exists, then this report will contain just a reference to the original article or web link.

Welcome to the convention report page for PentaCon XVII. Herein you will find a detailed synopsis of events over the course of the gaming rounds as witnessed by your loyal GM and part-time PentaCon staff member. Many thanks to Susan Van Camp, and to Carl Taliaferro for their guest appearances this year at the convention. Also our appreciation goes out to the PentaCon Staff for putting on yet another great convention.  I believe attendance was up this year, and look forward to being a part of making this happen again next year,  with even more fun games, events, and workshops for you loyal gaming fans out there!

The Games

The Legacy of Adabar

A 0D&D Game at PentaCon XVII


Last Voyage of the Emerald Princess Adventure

A d20 Nautical adventure for characters of the 1st-3rd Level


Sailing Ship Torshayn Under Sail
Torshayn Under Sail

Last Voyage of the Emerald Princess – After Action Report

The Game at PentaCon XVII



Madinas-Al-Shaib Ruins

 Fantasy Worlds GMs Round Table

GM’s Rountable & Workshop

 – Editorial –

I’m in the Army Now!

PentaCon is what I consider my hometown convention, It’s close enough for me to attend, and has an Independent spirit that I like in a gaming convention, not being sponsored by a manufacturer, dealer, or gaming company, but in being sponsored by a gaming group. Last year, I was somewhat critical of the organization of PentaCon staff in my gaming report and was rewarded for my critique with a phone call from Lisa Adams in July. Their publicist had abruptly resigned, and would I mind filling in and doing Internet press releases, and post to web sites, and answer e-mail inquiries  etc.  etc.  etc.

“Sure”, I said, after all, as a publicist I would get the opportunity to game during the convention as my job would be essentially done at the time the con rolled around. (that wasn’t entirely true, but I still had the opportunity to get my gaming in!)

The whole deal went well. I had to go up to Fort Wayne twice a month to help out in the last three months before the convention. I helped to enhance our charity fund raising, and to obtain prizes, awards, and contributions from dealers, manufacturers, and gaming companies that would enhance their reputation in the Industry, and with gamers as well. In addition this allowed us to provide cool stuff for you gaming fans out there. If there is anyone to really thank though, for all the goodies, aside from our generous contributors, you can thank Rex Joyner. He did a great job with that!

Getting a view from the inside during the convention was an eye-opener for me, let me tell you. If it appears at first, that the convention is not well organized, you can think again.  The thing about it is there are so few core staff members, that  each staff member handles just one aspect of the convention.  And none of the staff members can actually be in two places at once since we live in the mundane Earth, instead of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi realms we celebrate during the event. The Staff members have to rest for a time as well…  Anyway, back to the handling of just one aspect of the convention. Take for  example the dealer room,  Only the two dealer coordinators  know everything about all the dealers that are present in the dealer room. The same is true of the guest coordinators, the few staff members that coordinate gamer registration, The staff members that  coordinate game sign-up, the staff that coordinates with the convention management to have tables, chairs, power, food, lights, and extra rooms for special events, each number just one or two individuals. The staff that coordinates security, etc. etc. etc. In all less than a score of staff members see to everything that makes this convention a fun weekend for individuals and families alike. I’m informed well over a thousand guests attended our three day event, so the ratio is about fifty to one over the weekend.

The PentaCon staff members do an absolutely fantastic job, much better than you see in some of the best, of the best companies and corporations in the country. In terms of efficiency and accomplishments for the three day event they are well nigh, unparalleled, and they do it because they enjoy the gaming, and they work hard to show you how enjoyable gaming can be. They have to keep you happy, they have to keep the distinguished guests happy, they have to keep the dealers happy, and they have to keep the convention center people happy as well.  That’s twenty or so people keeping over a thousand satisfied… No small task…

Just remember that, the next time you are impatient because they are so busy during the convention, or unhappy as things aren’t quite going the way you envisioned.  Better yet, volunteer to help out with the convention, and do it well before the convention so you can still arrange to have time to get in some good gaming as well!

See you next year at PentaCon XVIII

~ Dirk

Guest & Sponsor Websites & Links

Castle Perilous 
Ste. 203, 715 S. University
Carbondale, IL 62901-2855
Castle Perilous Facebook Page

Current contact information

Castle Perilous
Attn: Scott Thorne
207 W Main St
Carbondale, IL 62901
(618) 529-5317
dragonstorm trading card game
Black Dragon Press & Susan Van Camp
(Company closed)





Magi Nation Trading Card GameMagi-Nation
Interactive Imagination
(Company Closed)






Reaper MiniaturesReaper Miniatures



Darkus Thel RPG WebsiteDarkus Thel
Sorceror’s Guild


Sovereign Stone RPGSovereign Stone
A Fantasy World and D20 RPG by Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis, Larry Elmore, Don Perrin, and Lester Smith.
(Website Closed)



Shire of the Shadowed StarsShire of the Shadowed Stars
Fort Wayne branch of The Society for Creative Anachronism




Original PentaCon Logo
Offical PentCon Website

PentaCon Website
Official PentaCon Website




New Games and Other Stuff I Found Interesting

Adiken Miniatures Adiken in Montreal (Closed)You can check em’ out here!
Adiken had shipped a miniature medieval building they created in their great foundry to the PentaCon Staff as a contribution for the charity  raffle to benefit the Three Rivers Literacy Alliance. When the miniature arrived damaged during shipping, the PentaCon staff called Adiken, and they promptly overnighted a new mini for the raffle just a day before the convention! Way to Go Adiken!
Thank You!Virus ALert Box
From ZenoGames (Closed)
Virus Alert Learn how computer viruses work in this fun fast paced card game.  Coming soon!
Stronghold RaidersSymbolique Banner
Symbolique (Closed)
Professional and Aesthetic Design for books, CDs, Web, Posters, and Skins, or any other necessary mediums.web of the widow d20 adventure
Columbia Games
Web of the Widow
A complete venture module from the creators of HârnWorldmortons listDark Carnival Games
Morton’s List
A game unlike any you have seen before!Hirst Arts
Hirst Arts
Hirst Arts
Hirst arts provides silicone RTV rubber molds so you can make your own dungeons, and buildings for use with miniatures. They have a large selection to choose from!The Rowan Tree (Closed)
Arms and Armor for the faithfulThwack Ugh! (Closed)
Medieval clothing, garments, and accessories for Men, Women, and children of all agesChessex
Dice for your RPG here, from the dice people that feature a pound o’ dice, and for the weak of heart, or light of pocketbook, a cup o’ dice specials…

R3 Games (Closed)
Obsidian Lords
Obsidian Lords combines a collectible card game with a dice battle system to create a unique gaming experience. A quick play time, and also very affordable! This is a good stocking stuffer for the coming Christmas Holiday!


Nostalgic Nook
Nostalgic Nook
Your Fort Wayne source for all things Sci-Fi. Star Trek, X-Files,  Babylon 5, Lost in Space, and Star Wars!  Online ordering available, as well as mail order!


The Keep
The Keep in Fort Wayne
Another Hobbyshop in Fort Wayne. These guys put on quite a show at PentaCon showing up in full historically accurate uniforms for their miniatures games.  You can stop by and visit them in person whenever you are in Fort Wayne.

1505 Goshen Avenue,
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
(260) 739-6460

2001 Address
4734 Parnell Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Home of Wardogs! and
Raygunz & Rednecks