Last Voyage of the Emerald Princess – After Action Report

 The Last Voyage of The Emerald Princess
Saturday, 3 November 2001
PentaCon Gaming Report

Sailing Ship Torshayn Under Sail
Torshayn Under Sail

I hosted this event for the second and third gaming session on Saturday. For this, I was not completely prepared and we spent the first hour of each session generating 3rd edition D&D characters for the players. Next year will be better in this regard.

The basic plot of this adventure is the captain of the lost ship Emerald Princess, hires the players to help in the recovery of lost goods and cargo of the recently sunken Princess. The Captain has also chartered another ship, the Toryshayn,  to carry himself, the remainder of his crew, and his hirelings (The Players) to the site where the Emerald Princess sank.

For the first session we had three players…  It took the players awhile to elect a leader to represent them as none wanted to volunteer for the task even though the leader would take a double share of any recovered cargo and doubled the guaranteed pay for going out on the voyage.

The voyage to the wreck site was uneventful and the weather steadily improved, although one of the players became seasick and never fully recovered.  On their way to the wreck, the players learned from the first mate that a part of the crew had mutinied,  attacked,  and injured the Captain. There was also a chance that the mutineers had already looted the wreck. The players arrived to find the wreck pretty much intact though, and natives were sighted on the nearby Barbarian Isle spying on the players.

The Captain, in good spirits, offered up a bonus to any volunteer divers in that the diver could keep his or her first find while diving to recover the cargo. The first group of players did well, even though none of them had much skill in swimming. and it wasn’t long before a happy crew and players, pulled up anchor, and set sail for home enriched for their experiences and play.

In session two, a half orc sorcerer, and a human rogue was amongst the three  players in this round. ( A sailor filled out the group.)The journey to the wreck featured  the Captain of the Torshayn making a night run to dodge a patrol vessel that started following the players. First the sorcerer became seasick, then the rogue… and the sailor /cleric healed them both with  an elixer of herbs. Then the rogue decides it’s a good time to learn to fish. A few hours of fishing in poor weather along with a few pranks on the part of the half-orc sorcerer put an end to the rogues fishing expedition but opened a whole new chapter in inter-player relations as the rogue then netted and bound the sorcerer in his sleep for the next two nights in a row. The team pulled together nicely though when the ship arrived over the wreck of the Emerald Princess, and all took a turn in recovering goods from the unlucky ship.  The players of the second session fared a little worse, and even though the weather was good, did not have luck with them in their diving so they ended up with a bit less in terms of loot than the players of the first session.

All-in-All both rounds featured good role-playing by the players and this mini-adventure shows how flexible the D20 system is, with a good time had by all except for the unlucky chap in the first round that was debilitated for most of the voyage with seasickness.

Seafloor view of the Emerald Princess Wreck


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Emerald Princess on the bottom...