Last Voyage of the Emerald Princess

Last Voyage of the Emerald Princess

A D20 Fantasy Adventure Supplement

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Table of Contents
Section 2 – Introduction
Section 3 –  DM’s Notes for Last Voyage of the Emerald Princess
Section 4 – Timeline
Section 5 – NPC Stats
Section 6 – Journey
Table 1-1 Weather & Encounters Table
Section 7 – Recovery Operations
Section 8 – The Mutineers
Appendix A – Maps & Floorplans
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Section 2 – Player’s Introduction

“So… what do ye say…? “

The former Captain of the Emerald Princess, Captain Ari, looks you all over with his solemn face set into a cold and serious tone. He is still a bit pale, and weak looking too, even though he feels his recovery is far enough along to warrant mounting this expedition. To you, it’s doubtful he could put to sea in a calm, let alone now, with the wind whistling in the night, the surf up, and the waves pounding the nearby docks. You can hear the wind and the waves clearly, even over the singing bard, and his drum, and over all the rest of the noise in the Inn, even though you are several blocks from the ocean. Hopefully, you think… the storm should let up by morning.

The fire burns low in the hearth of the seaside Inn that serves as your home for this night. The captain gets up without saying another word and ambles over to the fine oak bar and pushes his mug to the bartender, motioning for a refill. A moment later he returns. You notice that for all his apparent carelessness, and even with the odd way he limps, not a drop of ale has been spilled.

The music begins to play again, louder now, drowning out the low conversations going on in the tables around you. As the bard returns to telling of the saga of the Emerald Princess for all in the Inn to hear, all of you begin talking in low tones amongst each other discussing what you learned this evening.

“Can we talk about this betwixt ourselves?” you hear yourself saying to Captain Ari. The former Captain of the Emerald Princess…

“Aye,” He answers getting up again. “I’ll be back afore the mids watch to see if you made up yuh minds.” With that, he limps over to another table nearby and sits down, introducing himself to the hearty sea dogs there, who, had up until the time he walked over, been busy cheering the storyteller on, and asking the bard questions as well.

“Maybe it’s all a scam.”

“Mebbe we can find it on our own…”

“It’s in six fathoms of water, how do you suppose we should recover the heavier items?”

“What if the sand has covered it, or the tides have moved it… what then?”

“Equal shares for everyone in the expedition, with two shares for the Captain, and all officers… What do you think we should do? What would warrant an extra share?”

The conversation goes on for a bit, and finally you all put it to a vote.

“OK, it’s settled then… At dawn, we accompany the Captain Ari in his hired boat to recover the treasures of the sunken Emerald Princess… We agree then? 100 coins each, plus an equal share for each, of whatever we find in the briny drink.”

“Now, whom amongst us, are we going to elect as our officer… remember it’s 200 gold coins, and two shares of treasure for each officer. Each of us will state our qualification to lead… starting with you… and then we’ll vote on it.”

All eyes turn to you expectantly, and the sea captain, sensing you all have made up your minds, gets up a bit stiffly, and comes back over to the table to hear why you are best qualified to be leader of your group in the recovery expedition. The rain falls hard on the roof of the Inn, making you glad you paid for a nights’ stay…

Section 3 – Notes for the GM

This is a recovery adventure designed for four to six first to third level players. The players are to accompany Captain Ari and his crew to the site of the sunken Emerald Princess. The players are to serve as guards, and are to help Captain Ari in any other way that the captain requests in the recovery of valuables from the wreck of the Emerald Princess in return for a share of the proceeds. Here begins the rest of this story, a story the players should uncover, as a ship chartered by Captain Ari, the Torshayn, will make the journey to the site of the shipwreck.

If the players are all 1st to 3rd level, they should avoid getting into melee with the bad guy and his followers in this adventure without having Captain Ari, and at least some of the Captain Ari’s followers with them as they would be outmatched. It’s an open-ended adventure, the players may also opt to join Lithwyn (The Bad Guy).

During the journey to the shipwreck, the 2nd mate, Ivar, will approach the players and ask the players if they know of the whole tale of the Emerald Princess.  He will, after a short time getting to know the players, tell the story of the night when ship struck the reef.

“The Emerald Princess was our good luck charm, to be sure… twenty-six paces from stem to stern, eight paces at the beam, with two masts, four mainsails, two top sails, and a fore sail, she could make one hundred and seventy miles a day with moderate winds. By Janu, we once we even got her up to fourteen knots in the mouth of a great storm… we did. She always rode like a spirit on the winds. With less than a fathom o’ draft we always outran, or we outmaneuvered the pirates hereabouts. The Princess’s luck simply ran dry that day though.”

“This all happn’d a bit o’er a month ago mind you… twas an ordinary night, like any other… The first mate Lithwyn took over after three bells, shortly after sunset. We were running southwesterly, and were about three days from where we are right now. Lithwyn had put up a watch on the masts, to warn of shallows, or reefs. Still, twas dark that night, it was, there was little moonlight to see by, and the sea was dark as pitch. I know, for after eve’nen mess, I went up on deck for a  bit to get some air afore callin in for the night. ”

“After my stroll, I went below to check on our cargo, you know? Makin sure the water in the hold was bein pumped out faster –n- twas comin in… makin sure our cargo stayed dry… The Cap’n had made port in Aiulla, and we took on a good quantity of tools, along with a dozen boxes of long swords, and several crates of armor for an elven buyer. We also were carry’n vats and vases o’ olive oil, fresh fruit, and a small quantity of cedar boards. We already had stowed many barrels of butternuts, and pecans, several crates o’ eggplants, ‘n spearmint along with some cumin. Other cargo already in the hold included over four hundert bottles o’ Jeman wine, and twelve dozen wizards flasks… we also had two score bags o’ good coffee, n the cap’n had negotiated our wages, and his, for a small chest of the fabled black pearls from Oran. We were fully loaded, in good spirits, and a head’n fer home…”

“ Finally I called it a night n hung my hammock. I was awakened in the night by a loud crash as the Princess struck the reef. We had been movin along at a full clip, and the hull was sheared open. Our momentum carried us clean o’er the reef. For a few minutes after, I thought we would make it as the sailors mannin’ the pumps reported the water levels in the hold a goin down with the efforts of the mergency crew –n- all… Then the keel struck another reef, and separated from the Princess. It twas all o’er just like that, the Princess capsized in seconds and sank.

The first mate Ivar, hangs his head. By his demeanor, you know not all the crew made it out alive that night…

“She loved me though… The Princess let me go, she did… She gave me the last o’ her luck as well. In the morning after we survivors made it ashore, The Cap’n called the remaining crew together… We were attacked afore noon by the first mate, Lithwyn. Some of our former crew attacked us as well, along within some locals, and a wizard we had ne’er seen before. The Cap’n seriously wounded Lithwyn. I think he kilt the wizard as well, but they almost a killed him too… Even now, he is not fully recovered, but he is pushin hard, to recover what the fates will us, afore any others find out about the wreck o’ the Emerald Princess and scry out it’s location.”

Section 4 – Timeline

The journey in the Torshayn will take a little over 3 days with fair weather and moderate winds. The ship will be traveling in a Northeastern direction until the last day where it will then have to carefully maneuver to avoid the reefs (a DC15 sailing skill check while the ship is moving, every 4 hours by the ship’s captain) in the area of the shipwreck. On board the Torshayn are six sailors, the Captain of the Torshayn, Havuk Kharim, and two guards, Dannal, and Garen Silvercross.  Of the original group, there is Captain Ari, The 1st Mate, Ivar, and four of the original crew of the Emerald Princess. In addition, all the players have come aboard the Torshayn in the pre-dawn.

Section 5 – NPC Stats

Ari, Captain of the Emerald Princess, 7th level fighter, Str-16 Int-10 Wis-12 Con-14 Dex-13 Chr-14
AC-22 HD-7 HP 28 (51) Init +5, Speed 20 ft. +2 Longsword  +9/+4 TH +4 Damage (1d8+2), crit 19-20 x2 slashing weapon.  (F/R/W +7/+3/+2) Alignment – CG
Skills (Sr): Knowledge- Sailing (8), Grappling (6 ), Knowledge – Sea Lore (4), Appraise (4 ), Swim (4), Climb (3), Jump (3), Spot (3 ), Search (3 ) Use Rope (3). Feats: Longsword (Wpn Focus Proficiency), Improved Initiative, Simple & Martial Weapons Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency, Leadership, Dodge, Expertise, Improved Disarm, and Mobility. The captain has a chest with 500 gold coins, along with 3,100 gold coins in gems, and jewels, he acquired for trading the best of his personal magics and gear. He is also wearing a +10 ring of protection. He is using his funds to finance the recovery expedition. Ari is a medium sized man, with dark hair, and dark eyes, 5’8”, weighing 160 lbs or so. Xp value 3,600

Ivar, 1st Mate of the Emerald Princess, 3rd Level Fighter, Str-15 Int-11 Wis-12 Con-14 Dex-14 Chr-9
AC-14 HD-3 HP 22 Init +2, Speed 20 ft. +2 Cutlass +8 TH, +2 Damage (1d6+2) crit 18-20 x2 damage slashing weapon.
+1 Masterwork Light Crossbow +8 TH +1 Damage (1d8+1) crit 19-20 x2, range increment 80 ft. Piercing weapon.
(F/R/W +5/+3/+1) Alignment – N
Skills (Sr): Climb (3), Jump (3), Grappling (3), Spot (3), Swim (3), Use Rope (2), Search (1).  Feats: Weapon Focus-Cutlass, Weapon Focus-Crossbow, Dodge, Expertise. In addition, Ivar has the following additional equipment – +1 Studded Leather Armor, 40 crossbow bolts, a potion of cure moderate wounds, two potions of cure light wounds, and one bottle of an agent that neutralizes poison. He has a platinum bar and 50 gold coins stashed as well. Ivar is older, in his forties with red hair speckled with grey. He is 5’4” tall and 155 Lbs.
Xp value: 900

The Sailors of the Emerald Princess, also the Torshayn 1st Level Sailors AC-12 HD-1 HP 6 Init +1, Speed 20 ft. Cutlass +1 TH, +1 Damage (1d6+1) crit 18-20 x2 damage slashing weapon (F/R/W +1/+1/+0)
Skills (Sr): Climb(3), Use Rope (3), Jump(3), Spot (3), Swim (2). Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency, Expertise. The sailors have varying alignments ranging from chaotic evil, to chaotic good. The sailors have up to a dozen gold, silver, and copper coins each, on them, and typically will wear leather armor, Some also carry daggers as well as cutlasses and will use the daggers in a pinch. Xp value: 250

Havuk Kharim, Captain of the Torshayn 5th Level Fighter Str-12 Int-10 Wis-11 Con-11 Dex-10 Chr-16
AC: 16 (17) HD-5 HP 34 Init +1, Speed 20 ft. +2 Scimitar, +8 TH, +2 Damage (1d6+2) crit 18-20 x2 damage slashing weapon. +1 Composite Shortbow +6 TH +1 Damage (1d6+1) crit x3, range increment 60 ft. Piercing weapon (F/R/W +6/+3/+3) Alignment LN
Skills (Sr): Knowledge-Sailing (5), Climb (4), Spot (4), Use Rope (4), Jump (3), Swim (3), Search (2), Appraise (3). Feats:  Simple & Martial Weapons Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Armor Proficiency, Expertise, Scimitar (Wpn focus Proficiency), Shortbow (Wpn focus Proficiency), Dodge, Improved Trip.  Havuk wears Splint mail into battle and carries a small round shield as well, most of the time. Typically, he’ll use his bow when conducting ranged attack, and will shoulder it and use a scimitar and shield in melee. He carries a +2 ring of protection vs. magic that enhances his saving throws, a potion of cure serious wounds, and four potions of cure light wounds as well. All the potions are handy in a specially constructed belt designed especially for him. He carries 20 +2 arrows, 40 normal arrows, and half-a-dozen +3 Flaming Burst arrows. He likes to use the flaming burst arrows on the sails, and the boats, of scoundrels and pirates that try to prey on him. He is currently not carrying cargo aboard the Torshayn, however, he has two large chests concealed in his cabin with 223 Platinum coins, 765 gold coins, 1,124 Silver pieces, and 4,425 gold coins worth of gems and jewelry, and a scroll of lightning bolt.  Havuk has medium length brown hair, and brown eyes, he stands 6’ tall and weighs 215 lbs. Xp Value 1,800

Dannal, Guard on the Torshayn 4th level cleric Str-12 Int-9 Wis-13 Con-6 Dex-4 Chr-12
AC: 17 HD-4 HP 21 Init –3 Speed 20 ft. +1 Two-Handed Sword +5 TH, +1 Damage (2d6+1) crit 19-20 x2
Slashing weapon. +2 Longbow +2 TH, +2 Damage (1d6+2) range increment 100 ft. Piercing weapon.
(F/R/W +2/+0/+5) Alignment NE
Skills (Sr): Concentration (4), Spellcraft (4), Knowledge-Religion (4) Feats: Scribe Scroll, Empower Spell, Craft Wondrous Item. Weapon Focus-Greatsword Spells (5) (3+1) (2+1), Clerical Spell Domains: War & Water
Dannal is a disciple of the Sea Goddess, Yemaya. He can turn, or destroy, fire creatures, as a good cleric turns undead. He can also rebuke the undead as well. He can rebuke or command water creatures as well. Up to 6x per day he can attempt these things. Dannal is a tall, thin fellow, 6’7” and about 175 lbs with short dark hair and blue eyes.
Spells usually readied:
0 – Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Cure Seasickness, Purify Food and Drink
1 – Cause Fear, Command, Remove Fear, Cure/Inflict Light Wounds, (Obscuring mist)
2 – Silence, Speak with Animals, (Spiritual Weapon-Watery Great Sword)
Equipment: Dannal wears half plate armor with a breastplate made in the likeness of Yemaya. He carries 4 scrolls of cure light wounds, 1 scroll of silence, 1 scroll of neutralize poison, and 2 scrolls of Animal Summoning (Sharks). Typically he will silence opposing spell casters by casting a silence spell on them, then he summons sharks to the area, and when the sharks show up, he will use his command, and speak with animals, enchantments to have the sharks attack any opponents who are close to, or in the water. If he is thrown overboard, he will typically call fish and other water creatures to him to help him swim. He carries 20 +1 masterwork arrows, and 20 regular arrows in two quarrels. He has 112 Gold coins, and two gems worth 50 coins each, along with four blank scrolls. In his spare time on sea voyages he crafts wondrous items that he trades with. Currently, he has two enchanted charms made of sharks’ teeth. One will cure light wounds, once per day, and the other will allow anyone to speak with the creatures of the sea, once a day. He may be inclined to sell or trade these for 400 gold coins, or more, each. Xp Value: 1,800

Garen Silvercross, Guard on the Torshayn 3rd lvl Ftr, 1st lvl Mage, Str-7 Int-12 Wis-13 Con-13 Dex-8 Chr-14 AC:12  HD-4 HP 25 Init Speed +2 Quarterstaff “Iceburst” + 1 TH +0 Damage (1d6/1d6) x2 critical bludgeoning weapon, +1 Shortsword +1 TH, -1 Damage (1d6-1) 19-20 critical x2 (F/R/W  +4/+0/+4) ALN: N
Garen is also a tall, gangly man at 6’2” weighing a mere 145 lbs with dark hair and dark eyes. All his life Garen wanted to be a professional fighter. Recently though, he was talked into going to a wizardry college by another mage, and after attending college as an illusionists apprentice for two years, he returned to the sea in his quest to become a great marine. Armed with the additional knowledge from the school of magics, he feels he has an opportunity to become a great sea warrior. Garen will always put himself in the forefront of any melee to prove his skills. Garen has an acute smell and movement sense giving him +4 on all alertness rolls, he also has the ability to envenom anyone he bites in unarmed melee as well with a DC 18 poison doing 1d6/1d6 Str loss if a save vs. Fortitude is not made by the target that was bitten. His familiar, a water snake can also envenom targets.
Skills (Sr): Spot (4), Swim (4), Climb (4), Jump (4), Concentration (3), Spellcraft (3), Knowledge-Arcana (3)
Feats: Wpn Focus-Shortsword, Alertness, Expertise, Dodge, Scribe Scroll, Summon Familiar, Armor & weapons proficiencies as a fighter. Garen has summoned a water snake as a familiar, AC: 14 HD-4 HP: 12 +3 TH +0 Damage (1d4 + poison) (F/R/W +4/+0/+4) Familiar special abilities: Alertness, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link.
Spells: (3)(1) There is a 10% chance of spell failure every time Garen tries to cast a spell. Spells usually readied:
0 – Daze, Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound
1 – Color Spray
Equipment: +1 Leather Armor, +1 Shortsword, the +2 Quarterstaff “Iceburst” Any being struck by Iceburst must make a DC20 saving throw vs. Will to avoid 1d10 of additional damage as the staff delivers a charge of detonating ice shards. He carries a backpack with 3 scrolls of Identify, a scroll of Color Spray, a scroll of Detect Magic, and a scroll of Hold Portal. He also has a wand of continual light He carries 75 gold coins, a 100 GP pearl, and two 250 Gp rubies as well. Xp Value 1,800

Section 6 – Journey

1st Day
The rain, heavy seas, and wind is gone now, replaced by a thick early morning fog that blankets the coastline. In the pre-dawn hours the Torshayn slips out to sea with only the ships’ bell, and the lapping of the gentle swells on the hull breaking the morning quiet.

Table 1-1 Weather & Encounters Table
Roll once to establish the weather after leaving port, Roll once every 6 hours thereafter for an encounter at sea…

Table 1-1 Weather & Encounters Table
Roll 1d20 Weather Encounter Encounter Type
1 Gale force or worse winds, mountainous seas, blinding rain, lightning. Movement ¼ of normal… Roll for hull damage, & leakage. Yes Sea monster attacks! DM’s discretion…
2 Storm winds, 10’+ large waves, heavy rain. Movement ½ of normal. Roll for hull damage, and leakage. Yes Former 1st mate Lithwyn spotted in a two-masted sloop making for the wreck of the Emerald Princess… The race is on!
3 Stormy winds to 40 Mph, 6’+ waves, moderate rains, Movement ¾of normal, Roll for hull leakage. Yes 2d6 3 ft. Nurse sharks or 5 ft.Hammerhead sharks spotted in the waters around the ship.
4 Winds 30 Mph, 4’+ waves, & swells, whitecaps. Yes Crew of the Torshayn sees Ill omens and dark portents in the skies. –1 luck on all rolls for the next 24 hour
5-8 Wind to 20 Mph, occasional squalls, 4’ swells. None Smaller local fishing boat spotted plying the waters,1d20, with a result less than 7 indicating1d6 pirates will attempt to sneak aboard and shanghai crew members of the Torshayn.
9-12 Winds to 20 Mph, normal sea swells, partly cloudy. None Merchant vessel spotted in the distance,1d20, with a result of 10 or less indicating the merchantman wants to close, & exchange greetings, offer trade of supplies & news.
13-16 Winds to 20 Mph, normal sea swells, mostly clear. None 3-masted patrol vessel spotted in the distance. 1d20, with a result of 5 or less indicating pirates, and a 15 or more indicating the Torshayn is mistaken as a pirate vessel.
Patrol crew numbers 35.
17 Winds to 10 Mph, Sunny, calm seas, movement ¾ of normal. Weather Reefs, sandbars, & shoals. DC20 to successfully negotiate without incident.
18 Winds to 10 Mph, partly cloudy with slow moving squalls, and calm seas, movement ½ of normal. Weather 2d6 Lizard men spotted in the waters.
19 Winds to 5 Mph, sunny, calm, seas movement ¼ of normal. Weather 1d6 Mermen & Mermaids spotted in the waters.
20 Becalmed, sunny, surface of the ocean is smooth like glass. No sailing movement until the winds pick up. Weather 1d6 Dolphins dance on the bow wave.  +1 luck on all rolls for 24 hours.
Encounter Table Results: Yes– Roll 1d20 on the encounter table None– No encounter no change in current weather. Weather – Roll 1d20 with a result of 1-10 meaning the weather degrades one slot on the weather table, and worsens, and a result of 11-20 meaning the weather will improve a bit to the tune of 1 slot towards better sailing on this weather table.

Once the ship leaves the site of land all the players are required to make a DC11 roll versus fortitude to avoid seas-sickness. Also, if the weather degrades and there are 6’ or greater swells, the players will be required to make DC11 fortitude saves every six hours, as long as the weather is stormy, or become seasick. For every failed seasickness roll, the player will suffer a temporary loss of 1 Strength point. For every saving throw made, the player will regain 1 point of Strength. If the player makes 3 successful saves in a row, he or she becomes immune to seasickness, and need not roll again for seasickness when sailing. If a player ever reaches 0 Strength, he or she will be incapacitated until landfall is made, and will thereafter never willingly put to sea on a boat or ship again.

Section 7 – Recovery Operations

Once the Torshayn arrives in the area of the sunken Emerald Princess one of three things will be happening. All things being equal, roll 1d20, with a result of 6 or less meaning that Lithwyn is already recovering goods from the wreck, 7-13 meaning Lithwyn is on the nearby island, and a 14 or more, The Torshayn has a 1 to 4 day lead on Lithwyn (roll 1d20/5 and round up, or roll 1d4).

1) If Lithwyn and his mutineers are already recovering loot from the wreck, their two-masted sloop, the Valantyn Breas will be anchored about fifty yards from the wreck. On board Valantyn Breas will be Lithwyn, a 6th level marine, Argus Trego, a 5th level Rogue/Sailor, Mahmet Ilzar, a 5th level Wizard, and Mari Laurens, a 3rd level Rogue, Nine 3rd level barbarian warriors recruited from the nearby islands, Five 2nd level barbarian warriors, and ten 1st level barbarian warriors, all in for a share of the loot of the Emerald Princess. The party will need to figure out a way to either take the Valantyn Breas, or to drive the ship off, away from the wreck so recovery operations can commence. If Lithwyn has already found the black pearls he’ll simply raise anchor and sail away abandoning the remainder of the goods still sitting on the ocean floor.

2) If Lithwyn and his mutineers are on the nearby Island, they will observe the Torshayn anchor in the vicinity of the wreck. Using stealth, DC20 they will first approach in small boats, or by swimming, at night, and try to take the Torshayn in a boarding action. The boats they use are simple dugouts that carry six people each. Watches on the decks should have an opportunity to spot the dugouts DC25 as they slip towards the Torshayn, and especially if the players use warding or divination spells, otherwise, a fight for control of the Torshayn will commence shortly after sundown on the first day the players arrive. If they fail in this initial attack, and the principle Mutineers survive, they will later attempt to sneak on board the Torshayn DC20 and steal loot that is recovered in the expedition.

If the Torshayn arrives first, the players will have one, or more, days to commence recovery operations, and to prepare for the arrival of any other competing rivals. The wreck of the Emerald Princess lies on her side in about 35 feet of water about 50 paces beyond the last coral reef they struck a month, or so, earlier.

A preliminary dive will reveal the condition of the wreck. Any dive requires a DC15 swim skills check with failure meaning the diver must immediately surface and make a DC10 swim check to avoid drowning. A six-foot section of the forward keel beam is about 30 yards away from the wreck and the hull is torn wide open along the front. The hull in the last few minutes acted as a water scoop. Water flooding the forward hull swept all loose barrels, boxes, and crates to the back half of the cargo hold, and everything not tied down was then scattered again as the ship rolled over in her death throes. No bodies will be found, though some bones may litter the sea floor. The ship is a mess and locating any specific type of cargo is subject to a DC 15 search check during the dive. The Black pearls are located in a secret cache in the captain’s cabin, and a DC33 search is needed unless Captain Ari tells the players where the pearls are hidden. There is 9,754 Gp worth of black pearls in a small chest in the cache.

Divers will be able to make multiple dives into the wreck every hour, with an average dive time of three minutes,  (time for one search) and an average resting time of five minutes between dives. After an hour, any given diver must rest on board for at least 2 hours before resuming diving. Night dives are only possible if the divers have underwater light sources to dive with. Some of the crew will be standing by with pulleys on the masts to haul up heavy objects including barrels, boxes, and crates to the surface. A successful dive check must be made, and a successful Use Ropes skills check DC12 must be made by the diver to affix a rope to any object to be lifted to the surface. There is a 10% chance any object being hauled up will break open before reaching the surface (1d20 1-2).

After a month on the ocean floor, the following cargo items are worthless: The fruit, the cedar boards, In barrels: the butternuts, the pecans, the eggplant, the spearmint, and the cumin. The olive oil, and the bags of coffee are ruined as well. However, the clay vats and vases that contained the olive oil have a 75% chance of being intact (1d20 1-15), and are worth 2 coins for each recovered vase or vat. 120 vases & vats were on the ships manifest.

Each box of long swords contains 20 well made swords, there is a 25% chance (1d20 1-5) that any box or crate has broken apart and the goods are scattered within the hull, or on the ocean floor. The long swords are worth 15 Gp each.  There are three crates of armor as well, One crate of studded leather armor is ruined. There is a crate with four masterworks breastplates worth 350 gold coins each, and the other box contains six chain shirts, that are worth 80 to 100 coins each. There are 4 crates of carpentry, and shoeing tools, worth 125 Gp each, all intact.

The wine is in cases of 24 bottles each. There are a total of 18 cases of wine in, and around, the wreck. There is a 75% (Roll 1d20 1-15) chance that any given wine bottle is broke, or fractured, or has been contaminated with seawater. Each good bottle of wine will fetch 4 gold pieces on the open market. Of the wizards’ flasks, there are 10 cases of 12 flasks each remaining to be found. There is also a 75% probability any given wizards flask is intact. Each flask recovered is worth approximately 1 gold coin.

Additional items of value that may be found and recovered include most of the sail canvas, rope, buckets, grappling hooks, lanterns, a small selection of picks and shovels, The Captains’ spyglass (in his cabin) worth 250Gp, The ships bell, the figurehead, several silver and /or gold holy symbols, a set of thieves tools, a navigators astrolabe and tools in a pouch, and a couple of coin pouches with 10-20 coins each in them and one or two gems.

Section 8 – The Mutineers

Lithwyn, 6th level Marine / Sailor Str-15 Int-12 Wis-6 Con-12 Dex-13 Chr-12
AC-16 HD-6 HP 32 Init +5, Speed 20 ft. +1 Cutlass +11/+6 TH +4 Damage (1d6+4), crit 18-20 x2 slashing weapon  (F/R/W +5/+2/+0) Alignment – NE
Skills (Sr): Knowledge- Sailing (7), Swim (5), Knowledge – Sea Lore (4), Use Rope (4). Spot (3) Feats: Cutlass (Wpn Focus Proficiency), Improved Initiative, Simple & Martial Weapons Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Light Armor Proficiency, Dodge, Expertise, Spring Attack, Mobility, Whirlwind Attack.
Equipment:  +2 studded leather armor, +1 cutlass, Medium wooden shield, brass bracers, leather gauntlets, leather leg grieves, tall boots. 2 potions of cure light wounds, 1 potion of neutralize poison, 1 potion of non-detection, 47 Gp and two 100 gold coin amethyst dragon statuettes in a small pouch.
Lithwyn former 1st mate, was ultimately responsible for sinking the Emerald Princess. He was condemned for the accident after he attacked Captain Ari and the rest of the crew, the day the Emerald Princess went down. He was also severely wounded in fighting that day, but slipped off with a few of the former ships’ crew that joined him in the mutiny, and healed up. He has returned to find the black pearls and loot the wreck of the Emerald Princess. Lithwyn will match the Captain Ari’s offer of loot and gold, and may try to recruit additional turncoats from the crew of the Torshayn. Lithwyn is a medium sized man, with short red hair, and brown eyes, 5’11”, weighing 185 lbs. Xp value 2,700

Argus Trego, 5th Level Rogue Str-14 Int-14 Wis-12 Con-9 Dex-14 Chr-13
AC-15   HD-5 HP 22 Init +2, Speed 30 ft. +2 Short sword, +5 TH +4 Damage (1d6+4) crit 19-20 x2 small piercing weapon +2 Longbow,  +7 TH +0 Damage (1d6) crit x3 90’ range increments, medium piercing weapon
+1 Dagger +4 TH +3 Damage (1d4+3) crit 19-20 x2 10’ range increments, tiny piercing weapon
(F/R/W +1/+6/+2) Alignment LE
Skills (Sr): Move Silently (8), Hide (8), Climb (6), Jump (6) Open Lock (6), Disable Device (6), Use Magic Device (4), Listen (5), Search (5), Spot (5), Swim (4), Use Rope (2). Feats: Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Blind Fight, Sneak Attack +3d6
Equipment: +2 Longbow, Masterwork Leather armor, +2 Shortsword. 2 potions of cure lt. wounds, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, +2 Ring of Protection, 20 +1 Arrows, 20 Masterwork Arrows, 50 feet of rope, grappling hook, thieves picks and tools, small dagger, small hammer, 79 gold coins in a pouch, two 100 Gp Green Garnet Gems, and a Jade Statuette worth 125 coins.  Argus is a schizophrenic ne’er do well, always looking for an opportunity to steal, and if his personality changes may backstab or sneak attack anyone who lets their guard down, even Lithwyn. No matter who he is at the moment, he enjoys duping innocent bystanders, and will lie to get what he wants.  He has three primary personalities, “The Master Thief”, the “Pious Pilgrim”, and “Shadowlord”. He is quiet and kills people as the “Shadowlord”, he believes he is an assassin fulfilling the will of the gods. The “Master Thief” is a professional all the way, and looks down on common thieves, he enjoys planning and executing heists and burglaries. “Master Thief” is not religious, and is in fact, Immoral. When he is a “Pious Pilgrim”, he believes the god of life has redeemed him, and that he must serve by converting other players and NPCs to follow the god of life. This usually involves talking other individuals and groups into taking a vow against the god of death, and slaying followers of the Death God. He can change personality at any time. Argus is 6’ 3” tall, Heavy at 255 lbs, with dark brown hair, and a reddish complexion. Xp Value 1,800.

Mahmet Ilzar, 5th Level Wizard Str-13 Int-15 Wis-10 Con-15 Dex-12 Chr-9
AC-11 HD-5 HP 21 Init +1, Speed 30 ft. +1 Dagger +3 TH +1 Damage, (1d4+1) Crit 19-20 x2 Range Increment 10’ Masterworks Longbow +4 TH +0 Damage (1d8), Crit x3, Range Increment 100’ (F/R/W +3/+2/+4) ALN: CN
Skills: Concentration (8), Spellcraft (8), Alchemy (3), Knowledge-Arcana (6), Swim (1) Feats: Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll, Combat Casting, Brew Potion, Empower Spell.
Spells Known: 4,4,3,1
0 – Read Magic, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Arcane Mark
1 – Shield, Summon Monster I, Identify, Comprehend Languages
2 – Summon Monster II, Daylight, Mirror Image
3 – Dispel Magic
Equipment: Masterworks Longbow, +1 Dagger, 2 scrolls of Summon Monster I, 1 Scroll of Summon Monster II, 2 scrolls of Dispel Magic, 1 scroll of Comprehend languages. 40 arrows. Mahmet is a college-educated wizard who was studying to be a court magician when he was shipwrecked on the Barbarian Island. Arriving with only his longbow and spell books, he joined the Barbarians and became one of their Shamans. He was looking for a way off the Island, met Lithwyn, and agreed to join him in return for being repatriated back to civilization. He was almost slain a month earlier by Captain Ari. He may be persuaded to join the players, and Captain Ari if he is forgiven for his crime, and allowed to accompany the players back to a city or town. Typically in battle, Mahmet will summon monsters, then ready a powerful Dispel Magic spell to disable any hostile spells, or magic. Mahmet is 5’11”, 165 lbs, young, good natured, with light brown hair, and brown-green eyes. XP Value: 1,800

Mari Laurens, 3rd Level Female Rogue Str-9 Int-10 Wis-14 Con-9 Dex-15 Chr-10
AC-12 HD-3 HP 4 Init +2, Speed 20 ft., Masterworks Shortsword +2 TH –1 Damage (1d6-1), Crit 19-20 x2 Throwing Dagger  +4 TH –1 Damage (1d4-1) Crit 19-20 x2 (F/R/W +0/+5/+3) ALN-N
Skills (Sr): Hide (11), Climb (10), Jump (10), Search (9), Spot (9), Swim (7), Use Rope (5) Feats:  Sneak Attack +1d6, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Ambidexterity, Dodge, Mobility. Equipment:  Masterworks short sword, six throwing daggers, a potion of cure light wounds, a coin pouch with 24 Gp.
Mari, an excellent sailor, and lookout, was persuaded to join Lithwyn, by Lithwyn, right after the shipwreck for double the normal wages, and for a double share of whatever loot they could find. When the mutiny and attack on Captain Ari faltered, Mari wanted to run away, but being on the Barbarian Island had nowhere to run. Currently, she is serving Lithwyn as lookout, and sailor. If a decent opportunity presents itself, she will defect. Mari is uninterested in men, cool, distant, and occasionally acts overly happy or ecstatic for no good reason. She prefers to avoid any melee, instead sneaking around finishing off weak targets. She is childlike, 4’7”, 85lbs, with brunette hair, brown eyes, and deep brown skin. Xp Value: 900

Lithwyn, with the help of Mahmet, has persuaded a number of the local barbarians that live on the Island to help him in the recovery effort. If Lithwyn has the sloop Valantyn Breas, It’s because a group of barbarians joined him and they successfully captured Valantyn Breas from a merchant. The barbarians are not skilled sailors, but work under the direction of the more experienced sailors.

Barbarian Island Warriors 3rd Level NA– 9 AC: 17 HP 37, 33, 31, 31, 28, 28, 28, 25, 21 Init +2 Speed 40 ft. Handaxe +6 TH, +2 Damage (1d6+2) Crit x3, Short Spear +4 TH, +2 Damage (1d8+2) Crit x3 20’ range increment. (F/R/W +4/+3/+2) ALN: CN, Skills (Sr): Climb (+5), Jump (+5), Listen (+7), Swim (+7)
Feats: Rage 1x/day, Uncanny Dodge, Fast movement, Weapon Focus-Handaxe, Power Attack.
These barbarians have 3d20 coins and 1d4 sea gems each. Exp Value 700 each

Barbarian Island Warriors 2nd Level NA– 5 AC: 17 HP 24, 22, 20, 18, 16 Init +2 Speed 40 ft. Handaxe +5 TH, +2 Damage (1d6+2) Crit x3, Short Spear +3 TH, +2 Damage (1d8+2) Crit x3 20’ range increment.
(F/R/W +4/+2/+1) ALN: CN, Skills (Sr): Climb (+4), Jump (+4), Listen (+6), Swim (+6)
Feats: Rage 1x/day, Uncanny Dodge, Fast movement, Weapon Focus-Shortspear These barbarians have 1d20 coins and 1 sea gems each. Exp Value 500 each

Barbarian Island Warriors 1st Level NA– 10 AC: 16 HP 16, 13, 13, 11, 9, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4 Init +2 Speed 40 ft. Handaxe +4 TH, +2 Damage (1d6+2) Crit x3, Short Spear +2 TH, +2 Damage (1d8+2) Crit x3 20’ range increment. (F/R/W +4/+2/+1) ALN: CN, Skills (Sr): Climb (+4), Jump (+4), Listen (+6), Swim (+6)
Feats: Rage 1x/day, Uncanny Dodge, Fast movement, Weapon Focus-Shortspear These barbarians have 1d6 coins. Exp Value 300 each

Appendix A – Maps & Floorplans

Map of the Barbarian Isle and location of the Emerald Princess Wreck















Deck Plans for the Torshayn












Bonus Content Not included in the Original Publication of The last Voyage of the Emerald Princess

Seafloor view of the Emerald Princess Wreck


Sailing Ship Torshayn Under Sail
Torshayn Under Sail

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