The Legacy of Adabar


The Legacy of Adabar
Friday, 2 November 2001
PentaCon Gaming Report


I hosted this event for the second gaming session on Friday, and had three players in for the round. Well prepared this year, I had the time to pre-generate basic D&D characters for the players.

Our story begins at the Jade Sea Tavern in Seamist, a coastal village in Saryn. Victoria, a female mage, Aria, A Female Cleric, and Thor, a Dwarven fighter were all sitting around in the Inn resting for a spell, and escaping the humid heat of the day in this Jungle hamlet tavern. Caranthrir, son of the Archbishop of the Priests of Aknar (Light) was also in the Tavern having a cool one, as well as two guards  from the local Militia.

Aria almost immediately approached Caranthrir and attempted to engage him in coversation with little success.

As the other players worked hard at getting to know one another, two strangers, exhausted, wounded, and weak from travelling on the road for a few days collapsed into the tavern. The strangers, after being tended by the clerics Aria, and Caranthrir, told an incredible tale of thier attempt to retrieve the staff of Adabar from the temple of a Evil High Priest.

Thalen, an Elven mage, and Oakfist a Dwarven fighter/Cleric had agreed to travel into the jungle to the South to recover the lost Staff of Adabar from the evil high priest (EHP). The EHP, some years earlier had cursed Adabar and taken his staff from him. Adabar had later died of the curse, after other parties had failed to recover the staff, and no one could figure out how to remove the curse.The NPC party went into the temple a few days before and  had been slaughtered by the guards and minions of the EHP. Thalen and Oakfist were the only two that had escaped with some of the treasure they had found, and would anyone in the Tavern be interested in joining them in another expedition to recover the Lost Staff of Adabar, and more loot? The players seeing the gold spilling out of the packs of the Dwarf and Elven mage, jumped at an opportunity to do something besides picking a fight with the town guard.

At this point the Priest of Aknar, Caranthrir,  intervened and asked all interested to accompany him to the temple, where the players rested for a night, and were filled in on the details of the quest before them. The Staff, upon recovery, was to be returned to the Temple of Aknar in Seamist, and the players would be able to keep anything else of value they found in looting the temple of the EHP.

Fully rested, recovered, and equipped, and with the dawn, the party of six,  Aria, Thor, Victoria, Adenor, Thalen, and Oakfist departed to seek their fortune in the lost temple. After an uneventful  day’s hike the players arrived at the way tower that is south of Seamist. The players searched the waytower finding some basic foodstores. They set up a watch in the tower and rested for the second days’ journey.

During the night, the Dwarf, Thor observed firelights in the jungle to the South. The Players did naught but rest until morning. On resuming their travel the found tracks from an Ogre, and from a large band of Goblins and Orcs as well that had passed through the area the night before. Carefully avoiding the tracks, the players continued on…

Another days’ uneventful hike brought them to a place where they turned (At the direction of Adenor) into the jungle. A Few short hours later the players arrived at the temple of the EHP.

They made their way up into the temple carefully checking for traps, and then down the 70′ vertical shaft that leads into the heart of the pyramid temple. In less than an hour, after carefully checking for traps, they had made their way back to where, only days before, Oakfist and Thalen had been ambushed and nearly slain. The Players elected to avoid the catacombs of the dead, and to concentrate on locating the staff of Adabar in the ancient temples of this mysterious pyramid..

In the first Temple they arrived at, Aria and Victoria helped themselves to rubies and gold cups they found that had been offered to the Evil Gods as a sacrifice. The players moved on searching carefully and after going down a set of stairs found yet another Temple closely linked to the first. A search of the temple turned up nothing, but a pair of secret doors near the alter in this temple room. The players set up in a battle formation and Thor, the dwarf, proceeded to open the door only to find himself face-to-face with a human fighter. Striking quickly he wounded this guard. At this point a vicious melee ensued where the players attempted to silence the guards before the guards could raise an alarm.

Victoria unleashed a volley of magic missiles then went for the other secret door with Oakfist to try to flank the two guards in the room.  Thor continued to work on the guard facing him, and with a bit of help from Aria, Adenor, and Thaln quickly put him down. The players moved in and pretty much surrounded the last guard who put up a stiff fight wounding Thor before finally being slain.

Time ran out for this basic Dungeons and Dragons round and we ended the Basic Dungeons and Dragons round for this convention. Next year, I’ll go ahead and extend this event out to two sessions.

To good Gaming!

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