Gamma World Colorado Campaign Setting

Gamma World Colorado was the first campaign setting for my home GW game beginning in 1978. I bought Gamma World as soon as it was released, because our gaming group (we), had already been playing Traveller for more than a year-and-a-half. As an Army brat living within sight of the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD Defense Complex, during the cold war all of us living in Colorado Springs knew we were completely in the Nuclear strike zone in the event of Total Nuclear Annihilation. We figured the Russians or the Chinese would lob a fistful of multiple warhead ICBMs to our location in order to literally melt down Cheyenne Mountain to slag, and so dismantle the command and control for the entire North American Air Defense Command. Since there was an Army base, (Fort Carson) With a full Infantry Division, Peterson Air Force Base, The Air Force Academy, and later Space Command, all within a thirty mile radius of our homes, we counted on just being lit up and turned to ash in the event of WWIII.

Of course we set our Gamma World campaign right where we lived, so we could imagine crawling through the ruins of our former city, …Colorado Springs. In the Campaign setting as presented, in 2471 the Infantry Division, as well as major Air Force units relocated up into the high Rockies up onto the South Park (…Yes, that South Park!) just prior to The Apocalypse.

Colorado 2471 A.D.Campaign History & Information

The GW Colorado Map is available here as a free download under the creative commons license vs3.0. You may print, copy, modify and use the map for personal purposes. Once you get to the map page, simply right-click on the map and choose “download image” from list of available options.

Gamma World RPG Colorado Link
Gamma World Colorado Campaign, ca. 1978

Gamma World Colorado Map (Full Size)

Gamma World RPG, Colorado Wolf Spider Image
Colorado Wolf-Spider

The Colorado Critter Guide

Additional Factions and Cryptic Alliances unique to the Colorado Region

Wasteland Marauders. (People, Mutants, Robots) Organized Gangs of Raiders that steal from other communities.

New Government. (People, Mutants, Robots) People who are trying to rebuild civilization back to the great pre-war societies.

Enforcers. (People, Mutants, Robots) Association of aligned law officers that uphold justice and liberty.

Mutant Legion. (Mutants) Mutants intent on conquering the known world, many different subfactions.

Guardians. (order) People, Mutants, Robots
People and Mutants that have sworn an oath to protect the innocent and helpless. Guardians also take vows not to permanently harm other intelligent beings. Some guardians also take vows of peace and poverty.

The Forgotten (Mutants)
Mutants with extended lifespans that were around during the last great war, and during the super plagues. They are immune to poison, infections, biogenetic alterations, and radiation, the forgotten can only be killed in combat or by accident (being crushed, plane crash, car crash, etc.)

Cat People (Mutants)
Human mutants that now have some feline DNA, characteristics, or habits. Some are highly intelligent, most are semi-intelligent.

Shapeshifters/Shifters (Mutants)
Mutants that can alter their voices or appearance to mimic other species, at will.

Sheppards (Mutants)
Mutants who still watch over their herds, but who have derived mutations from the herds and animals they are watching over.

Throcs (Mutants)
Violent sub-human species, that are mean at best, semi-intelligent. They are predators who take advantage of lesser species. They were once human.

Part person, part plant, Arboreans are mutants that possess plant mutations, and some characteristics.

Stormwalkers (Mutants)
Mutants that appear human, but are immune to radiation and electrical energy effects. Stormwalkers have -2 Constitution and are more vulnerable to illness, disease, and general infections.