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Mkkay, so, This is still very definitely a work in progress, began just over three years ago, I stopped abruptly after losing my post-apocalyptic map of JAX (Jacksonville), as well as my original campaign notes on the settlement there after a catastrophic computer crash.  I decided to put up the remainder of these notes today, and the maps that are also at the moment, works-in-progress. This is not a fully detailed campaign yet, however I hope to complete the details over the course of 2020. Any walled city has at least one wall facing the sea or ocean.


Jax Gamma World Roleplaying Game
JAX (Jacksonville) Walled City in the Atlantic Ocean


Jax – Jacksonville

Home of a high-tech community in Gamma World with some pre-war tech recovered and being used. This is where the players in the Florida Campaign begin play. Jacksonville has a fully operational nuclear power plant, as well as a submarine naval base, that is now home to the Atlantic Naval Command. It consists of a walled city and a naval base. The walls protect the city from the rise in sea level caused by global warming. The population here is approximately 25,000 and consists mostly of pure strain humans. The core settlement is radiation free, but pockets of intensity 3-6 radiation can be found in the suburban ruins.

Jacksonville has the following major political factions:

City Council

Military Council

Restoration Council

Agricultural Council

Engineering Council

Jacksonville Navy

Major locales, shops, and stores in Jacksonville include

Hooters Bar & Grille

Gator Gun & Pawn Shop

Crazy Cricket Gasoline Stations

The Merc’s Hut

Old Movie Theater Complex

Jax Tatto Parlor

The Shark Club Pool Hall & Restaraunt

City Hall

JAX Suburban ruins located outside of the core populated settlement area but within four hundred square miles that the JAX seawall protects – roll 3d6

3. Broadcast Station 75% power / 15% radio / 10% Television or Video

4. Intact Building

5. Intact Home

6. Shop or Store

7. Government Building

8. Artifact

9. Ruined Building Shell

10. Ruined House

11. Ruined Apartment Complex

12. Equipment

13. Commercial Building (Hotel, Offices, Mall, Parking Garage, etc.)

14. Non-functioning Robotic Unit or Abandoned Robotic Facility

15. Vehicles

16. Metro rail station or damaged Maglev segment

17. Ruined House or Building

18. Ruined Service Station, Convenience Store, or Restaurant


Ruins Condition – roll 2d6

2. Obviously Broken

3. Obviously Burnt, Collapsed

4. Obviously Damaged

5. Poor 20% intact

6. Poor, only 30% intact

7. Fair, only 40% intact

8. Fair, 50% intact

9. Fair, 60% intact

10. Good, 70% intact

11. Excellent, 90% intact

12. Perfect, 100% intact, although aged by a couple of hundred years.


Vehicle Subtable – Roll 1d20

1-4: Civilian four-wheeled internal combustion

5-8: Turbine powered wheeled car

9-10: Electric wheeled car

11: Hover car

12:-13: Flit Car/Special 1-2/3-6

14: Environmental bubble car

15: Light Cargo Truck

16: Heavy Cargo Truck & 25t Trailer

17: Hover Truck & 25t Trailer

18: Heavy Hover Truck 50t capacity

19: Police/Emergency Vehicle

20: Military Vehicle


Special Vehicle Subtable – roll 1d6

1. Dune Buggy

2. Range Rover

3. Ultralight Trike

4. Hover Cycle

5. Aircraft

6. Helicopter


Jacksonville Ruins Equipment – roll 1d100

01-03: Fuel, or gasoline

04-06: Ethanol Fuel


10-11:Electrical Parts

12-13:Mechanical Parts

14-15: Electrical or Electronic Parts


18:Laser Weaponry



21-24:Melee Weaponry

25:Light Armor

26:Medium Armor

27-28:Battery or Power Cell

29:Musical Instrument

30-31:Personal Computer, Console, or Device

33:Geiger Counter

34:Bioweapons Detection Kit

35:Motion Detector or Alarm


38: Acetylene Torch

39:Welding Tools





46:Bolt Cutters



49:Electrical Toolkit

50-51: Mechanical Toolkit

52-53: Power Tools

54:First Aid Kit


56: Rope 100’


58: Toolbelt

59-60:Farm Tools

61:Gas Mask

62:Mesh Vest

63:Chemical Detection Kit

64:Duct Tape

65-67:First Aid Kit

71:Lockpick set

72-73:Backpack or Pouch

74: Climbing Gear

75: Night Goggles

76: Grenade

77: Laser Sight

78: Rifle Scope

79: Pistol Suppressor

80:Rifle Suppressor


82: Platemail / Suit of Armor

83: Tactical Vest or Sheath Armor



89-92: Handgun

93: Heavy Weapon (MG, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher)

94: Crossbow

95: Booby Trap

96: Spear

97: Javelin

98: Axe

99: Club

00: Bow & a Quarrel of Arrows


Gamma World Florida Campaign Map
Gamma World Florida Campaign Map


Other Locales

Northern Florida – Mutant Jungles with radioactive zones, wild cattle, and wild horses.

St. Augustine – Walled Island, Mutants & Androids, Devout Society, Pop: 300

Daytona – Walled Coastal City, Hillbillies with speedboats, Savage Society, Population:1,000

Titusville – Walled City & Walled Island. Orange Groves, Savage Society, Population 150

Canaveral Air Station – Airbase, Space Station, Walled areas. USAF Contingent with mutants, androids, & PSH. Totalitarian Society, Population 350

Orlando – Walled City and Countryside + Disneyworld (Closed), Seaworld, with mutant sea animals, Devout Society, Population 20,000 or so.

Merrit Island – Mutant Outcasts (hazardous), ethnic society, archivists!!! Population 450

Palm Bay – Walled Islands and Orange Groves, Tribal Society, Population 500

Vero Beach – Walled City, gambling, Casinos, Ethnic Society (Spanish), Population 450

Port St. Lucie – Walled Cities, Fisheries. Totalitarian Society, Population 1,100

Palm Beach – Boynton, Boca, & Lauderdale – Walled City 45 miles long and 3 miles wide. Fishing & Salvage, Population 3,300

Miami – Skyscraper Island Chain with Cruise Ships and Pirates!!! Did I mention Pirates!!! militant society, Population 5,000 that live by the Brethren Code!!!

Central Florida Highlands – Mutant Territory, Militant Society, Nomadic Tribes of 300 or so, Ranks of the Fit, Population about 3,500

East Florida Highlands – Mutant Territory, Militant Society, Nomadic Tribes of 300 or so, Zoopremists! Population about 2,500


West Florida

St. Petersburg – Walled City + Hills. Android & Mutant Community, Savage Society, Population 300

Bradenton – Walled City. Hillbilly Mutants, Militant Society, Population 400

Sarasota – Isle & Walled City. Lawful Mutant Faction. Population 150

Port Charlotte – PSH Community, Walled City, Oil Terminal + Tankers & Freighters. Devout Society, Population 2,100

Fort Meyers – Walled City (Urban). Salvage & Fishing. Last outpost in Western Florida of Pure Strain Humans. Ethnic Society, Population 450

Vero Beach – Walled City, gambling, Casinos, Ethnic Society (Spanish), Population 450

Port St. Lucie – Walled Cities, Fisheries. Totalitarian Society, Population 1,100

ca. 2014 A.D.


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