GaryCon XI Convention Report, Day 1

Hi! ...and Welcome to the 2019 GaryCon Convention Report. It was a great year once again up in Lake Geneva and the Grand Geneva Resort and Convention Center. Of all of the conventions I have attended in recent years, this is simply the best, and I'll definitely be letting you all know why as I … Continue reading GaryCon XI Convention Report, Day 1

GaryCon XI

GaryCon is coming up next month and I plan on attending again as a volunteer. In the evenings I'll be working in HQ, or gaming HQ, and with GM support. I also plan on working the charity auction, where old gaming collectibles are up for bid, and the proceeds go to a good cause as … Continue reading GaryCon XI

Traveller Starship Name Generator

I created a random Starship Name Generator, spun it up, and in less than a second have a random list of five hundred Starship names for you to use for your game… Enjoy! Star BC Eradani Mercury Sword of Demon MV Thuban BB Corsair DD Fiery Interstellar Solar Majestyk MV Cold Ares Carona Serpens MV … Continue reading Traveller Starship Name Generator

Dave Arneson Week 2018 – Duke Siefried’s Lifetime of Play!

In memory, and to the honor of Bruce "Duke" Seifried, A pioneers in adventure games and one of the originators of Dungeons & Dragons. On this day, and to honor Dave Arneson, I wish to pay tribute to  "Duke" Seifried who passed away in his home yesterday at the age of eighty three after an … Continue reading Dave Arneson Week 2018 – Duke Siefried’s Lifetime of Play!

Origins 2018

Just got back from Columbus, Ohio and have a report for you all on Origins 2018 today. I'll begin, where everything ended which was with Darcy at the Monte Cook Games booth. This was about ten minutes before the Dealer hall closed, and Darcy, still going strong, and pitched me on Invisible Sun, and provided … Continue reading Origins 2018

The Story of the Spanish Cannon, 2008 edition!

Found the original article I wrote, Published a decade ago (Wow! really?... time flies!) in October of 2008, so I'll republish this here now for you... The year is 1524. I'm in the Spanish territories of the new world, specifically the newly founded city of Granada in what is present day Nicaragua. As the quartermaster … Continue reading The Story of the Spanish Cannon, 2008 edition!

GaryCon X – Games Being Played!

An annotated photo dump from the show, with details and commentary on your favorite games! Empire of the Petal Throne Planet of the Apes Game   Blackmoor Talk by Dave Megarry     Dungeon Crawl Classics     Zeb Cook's Interplanar Melee game a.k.a. Cowboys vs. Gamera & Godzilla    

GaryCon X Highlights

March 8-11, 2018 Margaret Weis received the honor of being named the recipient of the Gary Gygax Lifetime Achievement Award from GaryCon for her oustanding contributions to gaming and TSR with Dragonlance, and her other Fantasy works and writings which brought TSR enhanced professional and literary acclaim! Congratulations!, Margaret. Well Done! Attendance skyrocketed from just … Continue reading GaryCon X Highlights

CincyCon 2018 – Part Five – Saving the Best for Last!

I hope you all have enjoyed the photo stream from CincyCon 2018. To finish out today, I'm adding just a few of my favorite dealers and new contacts from the show. There were at least twenty-five exhibitors, and this show is larger than I thought, I'm glad I finally made it to attend this year! … Continue reading CincyCon 2018 – Part Five – Saving the Best for Last!

CincyCon 2018 – Part Four – Random Games at the Tables

Attendance for the whole weekend was about 1,300-1,500. There were easily seven to eight hundred gamers there on Saturday morning when I first showed up, with groups constantly coming and going all day long. Badge prices were reasonable with $25 getting a Saturday/Sunday badge, and a twenty spot getting one in for the entire day … Continue reading CincyCon 2018 – Part Four – Random Games at the Tables