Mail Call

Delivered by UPS today. Nemesis Games, book five of the Expanse series, and Babylon's Ashes, book six from the Expanse series. Also Michael Witwer's Empire of Imagination, the book about Gary Gygax. Look forward to learning something new reading that. Before season four of the Expanse was released last year, I bought all four of … Continue reading Mail Call

Gamma World RPG Campaigns Update

Hi, ...and welcome to the Gamma World RPG pages of this website. For those of you that don't know, Gamma World is a roleplaying game about the future, specifically a post-apocalyptic future, Written by Jim Ward for TSR, Inc. and released in 1978. The game is played in the imaginary world of our Earth many … Continue reading Gamma World RPG Campaigns Update

GaryCon XI Convention Report – Day 3

Saturday March 9th, 2019 Grand Geneva Resort & Spa Lake Geneva, Wisconsin On Friday, I got in a large chunk of my volunteer hours as I worked GM services from 2PM until about 10 PM. Mostly this involved providing GM services. It's a tradition at GaryCon for GM's to have volunteers on staff stop by … Continue reading GaryCon XI Convention Report – Day 3

GaryCon XI Convention Report – Day 2

Friday March 8th, 2019 Grand Geneva Resort & Spa Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Alright so, I started out Friday Morning setting up my first Original D&D Game to run. I always run the original games, not the Old School Renaissance, but the original actual games that were played back in the day. I never list the … Continue reading GaryCon XI Convention Report – Day 2

Traveller Starship Name Generator

I created a random Starship Name Generator, spun it up, and in less than a second have a random list of five hundred Starship names for you to use for your game… Enjoy! Star BC Eradani Mercury Sword of Demon MV Thuban BB Corsair DD Fiery Interstellar Solar Majestyk MV Cold Ares Carona Serpens MV … Continue reading Traveller Starship Name Generator

Origins 2018

Just got back from Columbus, Ohio and have a report for you all on Origins 2018 today. I'll begin, where everything ended which was with Darcy at the Monte Cook Games booth. This was about ten minutes before the Dealer hall closed, and Darcy, still going strong, and pitched me on Invisible Sun, and provided … Continue reading Origins 2018

GaryCon X – Games Being Played!

An annotated photo dump from the show, with details and commentary on your favorite games! Empire of the Petal Throne Planet of the Apes Game   Blackmoor Talk by Dave Megarry     Dungeon Crawl Classics     Zeb Cook's Interplanar Melee game a.k.a. Cowboys vs. Gamera & Godzilla    

GaryCon X Highlights

March 8-11, 2018 Margaret Weis received the honor of being named the recipient of the Gary Gygax Lifetime Achievement Award from GaryCon for her oustanding contributions to gaming and TSR with Dragonlance, and her other Fantasy works and writings which brought TSR enhanced professional and literary acclaim! Congratulations!, Margaret. Well Done! Attendance skyrocketed from just … Continue reading GaryCon X Highlights

CincyCon 2018 – Part Four – Random Games at the Tables

Attendance for the whole weekend was about 1,300-1,500. There were easily seven to eight hundred gamers there on Saturday morning when I first showed up, with groups constantly coming and going all day long. Badge prices were reasonable with $25 getting a Saturday/Sunday badge, and a twenty spot getting one in for the entire day … Continue reading CincyCon 2018 – Part Four – Random Games at the Tables